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Kate Collins Books in Order (31 Book Series)

A Frond in NeedA Big Fat Greek MurderA Root Awakening

Kate Collins has written a series of 31 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author Kate Collins?

      The author Kate Collins is a popular fiction writer known for the Flower Shop Mystery series.

    • What is the genre of the books by Kate Collins?

      Kate Collins is a well-known author who predominantly writes in the cozy mystery genre. Her books are full of suspense, intriguing characters and engaging storylines.

    • Can you tell me more about the flower shop series by Kate Collins?

      Absolutely. The Flower Shop series features the central character Abby Knight, a feisty florist who finds herself embroiled in a series of cozy mysteries.

    • Is there any specific order in which I should read Kate Collins' books?

      Yes, to get the most out of the mysteries and character development, it's best to read them in the order of publication.

    • I heard there is a mystery book that Collins narrated. Which book is it?

      That's right. Author Kate Collins narrated a podcast version of one of her flower shop mystery books, but unfortunately, the podcast failed to gain traction.

    • I tried to keep a list of the flower shop mystery series but my list failed. Can you help?

      Sure. A quick online search will yield a comprehensive list of Kate Collins' flower shop mystery books in order.

    • My attempt to add Kate Collins' books to my shopping cart failed. Any suggestions?

      There's always the option of going for Kindle publication. It's simple and you can easily save the books in your virtual library.

    • I wanted to add Kate Collins' books to my wishlist but it failed. What should I do?

      Not a problem. You could try to shelf rate them instead. This way, you can easily read them later.

    • How does the cozy mystery genre fit into the larger mystery genre?

      A cozy mystery, like the flower shop mystery series by Kate Collins, is a sub-genre of crime fiction. It often includes an amateur detective, like Abby Knight, the main character in Collins' series, and is set in a small community.