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Karen Cleveland Books in Order (4 Book Series)

Need to KnowKeep You CloseThe New Neighbor

Karen Cleveland has written a series of 4 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Karen Cleveland, the author my friends keep talking about?

      Karen Cleveland is an American author known for her thrilling novels, particularly in the mystery and thriller genres. Her popular books have been lauded for their intense and suspenseful narratives.

    • Can you list Karen Cleveland's books in order?

      Yes, certainly. Author Karen Cleveland has written several books in order of publication: 'Need to Know' (2018), 'Keep You Close' (2019), and her latest book, 'Red Widow' (2021).

    • How do I find the avg rating for a particular book by this author?

      You can find the average rating for any book by browsing through online bookstores or review sites. They usually have a 'rating book' option where users can provide and clear rating scores. Be attentive to any error rating, as these can sometimes skew the average.

    • What types of books does Karen Cleveland write?

      Karen primarily writes in the thriller and mystery genres. However, her books have elements of romance and fiction as well. They are designed for young adults and above, so they aren't quite suitable for kids.

    • Where can I find hardcover, paperback, or Kindle versions of Karen Cleveland's books?

      You can find hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions of Karen Cleveland's books at most major bookstores, both physical and online. Remember to check the book format before purchasing to avoid confusion.

    • What are some popular books by author Karen Cleveland?

      Some popular books by Karen are 'Need to Know', 'Keep You Close', and 'Red Widow'. These novels have received high ratings and positive reviews, making them popular among readers.

    • I heard Karen Cleveland's latest book was called 'Red Widow'. What's it about?

      'Red Widow' is a thriller novel penned by Karen Cleveland. It follows two CIA officers who form an unlikely friendship and find themselves in the midst of a dangerous game of espionage. The book has been praised for its intricate plot, captivating characters, and suspenseful narrative.

    • What should I do if I want to review or learn more about Karen Cleveland's work?

      You can review Karen Cleveland's books on most online book retail sites by signing in and providing your thoughts. To learn more about her work, you can visit her author profile on various literary websites, which will provide more insight into her writing style, genres, and themes.

    • Is there a series among Karen Cleveland's books?

      As of now, Karen Cleveland hasn't written a series. Her books are standalone novels, each presenting a unique story. However, they share common threads of being suspense, thriller, and mystery narratives, which is a signature of Cleveland's writing style.