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Johanna Lindsey Books in Order (57 Book Series)


Johanna Lindsey has written a series of 57 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 57 books
    1. 1

      Captive Bride

      Johanna Lindsey

    2. 2

      A Pirate's Love

      Johanna Lindsey

    3. 5

      Paradise Wild

      Johanna Lindsey

    4. 15

      Secret Fire

      Johanna Lindsey

    5. 16

      Silver Angel

      Johanna Lindsey

    6. 31

      Until Forever

      Johanna Lindsey

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    • Who is Johanna Lindsey and what type of books did this author write?

      Johanna Lindsey was a well-known author who primarily wrote historical romance novels. Her books often featured handsome and powerful characters placed in complex situations of love and conflict. Many of her novels are grouped into series, like the popular Malory-Anderson saga.

    • Can you provide a brief description of one of Johanna Lindsey's books?

      Johanna Lindsey's books are most often historical romance novels, filled with fantasy, passion, and intriguing characters. A wonderful example is her book "Gentle Rogue", part of the Malory-Anderson saga. It tells the story of a handsome, powerful sea captain and a fiery woman who challenges him at every turn.

    • I'm an avid reader of Johanna Lindsey's novels and I'd love to know if there's any special way to read her books, particularly the series. Should they be read in any specific order?

      That's a common question and it's always a good idea to read series in order! Johanna Lindsey's Malory-Anderson saga, for instance, starts with the novel "Love Only Once". Following the publication order would let you experience the family dynamics, romance, and adventure as Lindsey intended.

    • I've heard that Johanna Lindsey's books often revolve around families. Is this true?

      Absolutely! Family is a central theme in many of Johanna Lindsey's novels. For example, the Malory-Anderson saga revolves around the lives and adventures of the Malory and Anderson families. Love, sibling rivalry, and strong family bonds are common elements in these books.

    • I'm a fan of Johanna Lindsey and I'd love to add more of her books to my collection. Where can I find them?

      You're in luck! You can easily find Johanna Lindsey's books in bookstores and online. There are numerous online shops that offer her novels, both in physical and Kindle publication formats. Simply search for her name and you'll see a list of her books for you to add to your shopping cart.

    • I want to create a wishlist quick with all Johanna Lindsey's books. Is it possible to do so?

      Yes, creating a quick wishlist for Johanna Lindsey's books is quite simple. Many online platforms let you add books to a wishlist for future purchases. Just search for Johanna Lindsey in the book section, and you will see options to add her books to your wishlist. Happy reading!

    • Where can I find published details, like avg rating, reviews, and book covers of Johanna Lindsey's novels?

      Online platforms are a great resource for finding published details about Johanna Lindsey's novels. These platforms often feature avg ratings, reviews from readers, and book covers. You can easily add the books that interest you to your wishlist or cart.

    • Can I find more genres besides historical romance in Johanna Lindsey's novels?

      While Johanna Lindsey is known for her historical romance novels, she has also dabbled in other genres like fantasy and fiction. Regardless of the genre, love is always a central theme in her books.

    • Can I find any book series by Johanna Lindsey centered around a family's experiences?

      Yes, the Malory-Anderson saga is an excellent example of a book series by Johanna Lindsey that centers around a family's experiences. This series is a mixture of love, adventure, and family dynamics, providing an engaging reading experience.