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Joanna Trollope Books in Order (39 Book Series)


Joanna Trollope has written a series of 39 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 39 books
    1. 1

      Eliza Stanhope

      Joanna Trollope

    2. 10

      The Choir

      Joanna Trollope

    3. 19

      Next of Kin

      Joanna Trollope

    4. 21


      Joanna Trollope

    5. 28

      The Book Boy

      Joanna Trollope

    6. 29

      Friday Nights

      Joanna Trollope

    7. 34

      Balancing Act

      Joanna Trollope

    8. 39

      Mum & Dad

      Joanna Trollope

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    • Can you give me information on Joanna Trollope books in order?

      Sure! Joanna Trollope has written a number of fiction novels, primarily in the genres of contemporary and historical romance. To read her books in order, start with her earliest works published under the pen name Caroline Harvey then proceed chronologically to her more recent writings.

    • I hear Joanna Trollope is a popular author. What is the genre of her books?

      Yes, Joanna is indeed a popular author. Her novels typically fall under the genre of contemporary romance, a sub-genre of fiction. She has also written historical romance novels under the pseudonym Caroline Harvey.

    • What's a popular series from Joanna Trollope?

      One of Joanna's most popular series is her 'Austen Project' series. Beginning with 'Sense & Sensibility', the series contains modern reworkings of Jane Austen's classic novels.

    • In what order did Joanna Trollope release her novels?

      Joanna began her writing career under the pen name Caroline Harvey with historical romance novels. Her first contemporary romance novel as Joanna Trollope was published in 1988. Since then, she has released a new novel roughly every two years, up to her latest 2020 release 'Mum & Dad'.

    • I'm interested in the fiction novels of Joanna Trollope. Can you help me know more about them?

      Absolutely! Joanna's fiction novels often deal with the personal struggles of people, children and families in modern English society. They are known for their realistic portrayals of family dynamics and emotional depth.

    • Could you specify some of the popular books by this author?

      Certainly! Some of Joanna's most popular books include 'The Rector's Wife', 'Other People's Children', and the 'A Village Affair'. Her 'Austen Project' series is also widely loved by readers.

    • What does the house term feature in Joanna Trollope's novels?

      'House' in Joanna Trollope's novels often refers to a family home. Many of her books explore the dynamics and relationships within a family living under the same roof.

    • I am curious about the book covers of Joanna Trollope books. Can you shed some light on this?

      Joanna Trollope's book covers usually feature images that reflect the theme of the novel - often a house or a family. The covers for her Kindle publications and paperbacks might vary, but they always maintain the same elegant and engaging vibe that matches her writing.

    • Where can I find a full review of Joanna Trollope's books?

      For a full review of Joanna Trollope's books, various book review sites offer in-depth analyses. You can also look at the reader reviews on online bookstores or platforms goodreads. Remember to save your read saving for future reference!