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Jessica Fellowes Books in Order (6 Book Series)

The Best FriendBright Young DeadThe Mitford Murders

Jessica Fellowes has written a series of 6 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Jessica Fellowes and what is her popular book series about?

      Jessica Fellowes is a British author who is renowned for her Mitford Murders series. The Mitford Murders Mystery revolves around the fictional adventures of Louisa, a young maid in the employ of the famous Mitford family, with each book offering a different mystery and blend of fiction and real-life events from the 1920s.

    • What genre does author Jessica Fellowes focus on in her series?

      Author Jessica Fellowes primarily focuses on the mystery and young adult fiction genres. She masterfully combines these genres with historical facts and romance, offering readers an engaging narrative that is both thrilling and heartwarming.

    • How should I read Jessica Fellowes' books to understand the storyline properly?

      You should read Jessica Fellowes' books in the order they were released, starting with her first novel 'The Mitford Murders'. This will help you understand the development of the characters and the progression of the overarching mystery. You can add these books to your read shelf on the 'read shelving' section of your reading app or website.

    • Can I rate Jessica Fellowes' books once I read them?

      Certainly! After reading a Jessica Fellowes' book, you can rate it using the 'shelf rate' feature on your reading app or website. This helps other readers to identify top-rated novels and helps Jessica get feedback on her work.

    • What are the formats available for Jessica Fellowes' books?

      Jessica's books are available in a variety of formats including hardcover, paperback, and Kindle. You can choose the format that best suits your reading preferences.

    • Who are some of the characters in the Mitford Murders series?

      The Mitford Murders series by author Jessica Fellowes features a range of engaging characters. Louisa, a young maid, is the protagonist who finds herself involved in various mysteries. Other characters include the real-life Mitford sisters who add charm and realism to the fiction.

    • Is there any romance in Jessica Fellowes' books?

      Yes, Jessica Fellowes beautifully weaves romance into the mystery and life of her characters, making her fiction even more engaging for both young and adult readers.

    • Can Jessica Fellowes' books be found in the young adult section?

      Yes, Jessica's books, particularly the Mitford Murders series, can be found in the Young Adult section due to their appeal to young and adult readers alike.

    • How does Jessica Fellowes balance fact and fiction in her book series?

      Jessica Fellowes, the author, skillfully integrates true events from the life of the Mitford family into her fictional murder mysteries. This unique blend of fact and fiction adds a layer of authenticity to the series, making it a captivating read for mystery and history enthusiasts.