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Jeremy Clarkson Books in Order (21 Book Series)

As I Was Saying...And Another Thing...Born to be Riled

Jeremy Clarkson has written a series of 21 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    21 books in this series

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    • I'm looking for Jeremy Clarkson books, specifically the order in which they were published. Can you help?

      Well, Jeremy Clarkson's books have certainly made a splash in the world of literature. As for the order, you may want to start with "Motorworld" and then move on to "The World According to Clarkson" series.

    • I am a huge fan of car-related books and authors. Does Jeremy Clarkson write about cars in his books?

      Most definitely! Cars are a big part of Clarkson's life and this greatly influences his books. Whether it's the hardcover or paperback, you'll find that cars play a significant role in his writing. In fact, some might say cars are his 'diddly squat'.

    • What's the average rating of Jeremy Clarkson's books?

      Jeremy Clarkson's books generally have an avg rating of around 4 stars. Please note that this is an average, so some books may have higher or lower ratings. To get a clear rating, it's best to go through individual reviews.

    • I'm on a budget and generally prefer paperback to hardcover books. Are Jeremy Clarkson's books available in paperback?

      Yes, they certainly are! You can easily find Jeremy Clarkson's books in both hardcover and paperback formats. If you prefer, the paperback can be added to your basket for a more budget-friendly reading experience.

    • I can't find Jeremy Clarkson's books on my Kindle. What should I do?

      If you're having an error rating book on your Kindle, don't worry. You can always do a quick search on your device for 'Jeremy Clarkson' and all of his available books should show up. If not, try a book refresh or check other online platforms like Waterstones for the paperback or Kindle versions.

    • Are any of Jeremy Clarkson's books fiction? I love a good fictional tale.

      While Clarkson is best known for his non-fiction work - particularly his witty and insightful musings on cars - he does have a couple of fiction books under his belt. So if you're searching for a little bit of Clarkson's 'diddly squat' in the realm of fiction, you won't be disappointed.

    • Do Jeremy Clarkson's books ever feature children's games or activities related to cars?

      While Clarkson's books are primarily aimed at adults, there are subtle nods to the joy and innocence of children's games, particularly those involving cars. However, if you're looking for specific 'Waterstones children games' related to cars, you might be better off checking the children's section or doing a specific search.

    • I've read all of Jeremy Clarkson's books and need more! Can you recommend other authors who write about cars?

      Absolutely, there are plenty of authors who share Clarkson's love for cars. Authors like Paul Ingrassia, Mary Walton, and Keith Martin have all written extensively about cars. So if you're done with Clarkson's books and still have an appetite for more car-centric literature, these authors are certainly worth a search.

    • How does Jeremy Clarkson's fiction book compare to his non-fiction?

      The charm of Clarkson's fiction lies in the same wit and humor that makes his non-fiction so enjoyable. However, the ratings might differ. Always remember to check the avg rating, clear rating, review, and even the error rating of the book before adding it to your basket.