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Jane Harper Books in Order (5 Book Series)

Force of NatureExilesThe Dry

Jane Harper has written a series of 5 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 5 books


    • Can you list jane harper books in order for me?

      Certainly! Author Jane Harper has written several captivating novels. If you are looking to read her Jane Harper books in order of publication, here's the list: "The Dry" (2016), "Force of Nature" (2017), "The Lost Man" (2018), and "The Survivors" (2020). Each book is a standalone story, except "The Dry" and "Force of Nature," which feature the character Aaron Falk.

    • Where does the Aaron Falk series fall within the jane harper books in order of Jane Harper's books?

      The Aaron Falk series is central to two of author Jane Harper's books. The series begins with "The Dry," which is her debut novel, and continues with "Force of Nature." These novels offer a compelling blend of mystery and drama centered on the character of Aaron Falk, a federal agent.

    • What genre does Jane Harper write, and are her books award-winning?

      Jane Harper writes mystery novels that are rich in suspense and set against the backdrop of the Australian wilderness. Yes, her books, including the much-acclaimed "The Dry", have received several awards and recognition for their gripping storytelling and intricate plots.

    • I hear the Aaron Falk series is popular; can I get these books in paperback order?

      Yes, the Aaron Falk series by author Jane Harper is available in paperback format. You can easily find "The Dry" and "Force of Nature" in a portable and reader-friendly paperback edition, which are part of the Falk series.

    • What is the latest book by author Jane Harper that I can read?

      The latest book by author Jane Harper is "The Survivors," which was published in 2020. Unlike her Aaron Falk books, "The Survivors" is a standalone novel, which delves into a new compelling story of secrets and lies in a small coastal community.

    • Does Most Recommended Books provide links to all of Jane Harper's novels published by Macmillan?

      Yes, at Most Recommended Books, we provide links to all of Jane Harper's novels that are published by Macmillan. You can find and order her riveting novels through our site, and we will direct you to where you can purchase them on Amazon according to our policy.

    • Can I find articles or discussions about Jane Harper's work on your blog?

      Absolutely! On our blog, we often feature discussions and articles about popular authors and their work. You can find discussions about author Jane Harper, her novels, and the intriguing elements of nature and human experience that she weaves into her fiction. Keep an eye on our blog for new content.