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Jane Harper Books in Order (5 Book Series)

Force of NatureExilesThe Dry

Jane Harper has written a series of 5 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author behind the popular Falk series?

      The Falk series is written by the talented author Jane Harper. She has gained significant recognition and praise for her mystery novels set in Australia.

    • I've heard a lot about Jane Harper's books. Can you tell me the publication order of the Falk books?

      Certainly! The publication order of the Falk books by author Jane Harper is as follows: "The Dry" (2016), "Force of Nature" (2017), and "The Lost Man" (2018).

    • I want to start reading Jane Harper's novels. What order should I read them in?

      It's recommended to read the Falk series in publication order, which is: "The Dry," "Force of Nature," and then "The Lost Man." This will ensure you follow the story of Aaron Falk and experience the development of the characters and plotlines.

    • Where can I purchase Jane Harper's books, preferably in paperback?

      You can find Jane Harper's books in paperback format from several retailers, including Amazon, Blackwell Book, and Book Depository. Each offers various shipping options to suit your needs.

    • Can you give me a brief overview of the first book in the Falk series?

      Absolutely! "The Dry," the first book in the Falk series, is a thrilling mystery novel by author Jane Harper. Set in the harsh Australian environment, the story follows Federal Agent Aaron Falk as he investigates the murder of a family friend. As the mystery unravels, Falk's own past secrets are exposed.

    • Do all of Jane Harper's books have a common theme or setting?

      Yes, many of Jane Harper's novels, including the Falk series, share the theme of mystery and suspense. They are often set in the vast and unforgiving landscapes of Australia, which adds to the atmospheric tension in her stories.

    • What is the most recent Jane Harper book? Is it part of the Falk series?

      The most recent book by Jane Harper is "The Survivors" (2020), which is not a part of the Falk series. It is a standalone mystery novel set in a coastal town in Australia.

    • Are there any other authors who write similar books to Jane Harper's novels?

      Yes, there are many authors who write mystery and thriller novels, similar in style to Jane Harper's books. Some of these authors include Tana French, Ruth Ware, and Paula Hawkins. You can explore their work if you're looking for more in the genre.

    • Is there a movie or TV adaptation of any of Jane Harper's books?

      Yes, there is a film adaptation of "The Dry," the first book in the Aaron Falk series. The movie, released in 2020, stars Eric Bana as Aaron Falk and is set in the Australian Outback, capturing the atmospheric tension of the novel.