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Jake Tapper Books in Order (5 Book Series)

Down and DirtyBody SlamThe Devil May Dance

Jake Tapper has written a series of 5 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you provide me with a list of Jake Tapper books in order?

      Sure. Tapper has written several books and they are best enjoyed in order of release. Starting with "The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor", and followed by his fiction Marder series; "The Hellfire Club" and "The Devil May Dance".

    • Who is this author, Jake Tapper?

      Jake Tapper is an acclaimed author and journalist, best known as the chief Washington correspondent for CNN. He has also authored a few excellent books, notable in the genres of mystery, romance and fiction.

    • I am particularly interested in Jake Tapper's book featuring a character named Charlie. Could you tell me more about it?

      Sure. You are probably referring to Charlie Marder, the main character in the Marder series by Tapper. The series starts with "The Hellfire Club" and is followed by "The Devil May Dance".

    • Are there any books where Tapper has included a character named Margaret?

      Yes, the character Margaret is featured in the Marder series. Margaret is the wife of Charlie Marder, who is the central character of the plot.

    • As a new reader of Tapper's books, what should I expect to learn from his storytelling?

      Reading Tapper's books, you'll learn about American politics, history, and the complex interplay of power and ambition. His stories offer a blend of fiction and reality that is quite intriguing.

    • I'd like to know more about the story in Tapper's Marder series. Can you give me a brief?

      Of course. The Marder series is a political thriller set in the mid-20th century. It follows Charlie Marder, a WWII veteran and congressman, and his wife Margaret, as they navigate the murky waters of Washington D.C.'s high society.