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Isabel Dalhousie Books in Order (14 Book Series)

Friends, Lovers, ChocolateA Distant View of EverythingThe Careful Use of Compliments

Isabel Dalhousie is a series of 14 books written by Alexander McCall Smith. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author of the Isabel Dalhousie series?

      The bestselling Isabel Dalhousie series is written by author Alexander McCall Smith, who has created a world of amateur detectives and memorable characters in these novels.

    • What is the order of the Isabel Dalhousie books?

      The order of the books in the Isabel Dalhousie series starts with "The Sunday Philosophy Club" as the first book, followed by "Friends, Lovers, Chocolate" and continues with more adventures of the indefatigable Isabel.

    • What type of fiction is the Isabel Dalhousie series?

      The Isabel Dalhousie series is a top choice for fans of mystery fiction, with the woman detective solving various cases in each book.

    • How many books are in the Isabel Dalhousie series?

      The Isabel Dalhousie series currently consists of 14 novels, with the latest book, "The Comfort of Saturdays," released recently.

    • Which formats are available for Isabel Dalhousie books?

      Isabel Dalhousie books are available in various formats, including Kindle, hardcover, and paperback editions.

    • Can I add the entire Isabel Dalhousie series to my cart at once?

      You can add each book in the Isabel Dalhousie series individually to your cart, making it easy to purchase and enjoy the entire series of mystery fiction.

    • Is there a cat involved in the series?

      Yes, the cat named Brother Fox is a recurring character in the Isabel Dalhousie series, often making appearances in the books.

    • Are there any other authors with similar recommendations to the Isabel Dalhousie series?

      If you're a fan of the Isabel Dalhousie series and looking for similar authors, you might enjoy the works of Louise Penny, Jacqueline Winspear, and Donna Leon, who also create captivating mystery fiction with engaging characters.

    • Can I find the Isabel Dalhousie books at my local library?

      The Isabel Dalhousie books can often be found at local libraries, but availability may vary. You can always request the titles you're interested in, or explore digital lending options such as Kindle or other e-book formats.