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Immortals After Dark Books in Order (20 Book Series)


Immortals After Dark is a series of 20 books written by Kresley Cole. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Kresley Cole and what is her series about immortals?

      Kresley Cole is a New York Times bestselling author known for her paranormal romance novels, particularly the Immortals After Dark series. The series is about the tales of various supernatural beings, such as vampires, and their struggles and romance in the immortal world.

    • What genre does these immortals books fall under?

      These books are classified under the genres of paranormal fiction and romance paranormal. They are a blend of romance, supernatural elements, and sometimes even a hint of dark desires.

    • Is the romance in Kresley's books traditional or does it include paranormal elements?

      As a renowned author of paranormal romance, Kresley incorporates non-traditional elements into her love stories. The romances in her books often involve immortals like vampires, making the love stories anything but ordinary.

    • I'm new to reading this series, is there a specific order in which I should read the books?

      For the best reading experience, it's recommended to read the Immortals After Dark novels in the order they were published. You can start with "A Hunger Like No Other", then move on to "No Rest for the Wicked", "Dark Needs at Night's Edge", and "Dark Desires After Dusk". You can use your bookmark rate and shelf rate to keep track of your reading progress.

    • Where can I find more details about each book in the series?

      You can find more information about each book, including detailed descriptions and Amazon view links, under the "view details" and "details add" sections on the book's page.

    • Are there any books in the series that stand out or are particularly well-received by fans?

      "A Hunger Like No Other" is a fan favorite in the Immortals After Dark series. It's been read and loved by many over the years.

    • How can I keep track of the books that I've read in the series and the ones that I want to read next?

      You can use the "menu shelve" function to keep track of the books you've already read and the ones you plan to read next. You can also use the "bookmark rate" and "shelf rate" functions to rate and review the books you've read.

    • Where can I purchase Kresley Cole's books or borrow them from?

      You can purchase Kresley Cole's books from various online retailers, including Amazon. If you prefer to borrow, many of her books are likely available as library books at your local library.

    • Can I engage with other fans of the series and Kresley Cole?

      Absolutely! Fans of Kresley Cole's books often engage in lively discussions about the series. You can join these discussions and even reply to other fans' comments on various book forums and social media platforms.