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Helene Tursten Books in Order (15 Book Series)


Helene Tursten has written a series of 15 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I am interested in reading Helene Tursten books. Can you guide me on what order I should read them in?

      Absolutely! Helene Tursten's books are best read in the order they were published. The author Helene, has written a fantastic series featuring the character Detective Inspector Irene Huss. The first book in the series is "Detective Inspector Huss" followed by "Night Rounds", "The Torso", "The Glass Devil", "The Golden Calf", "The Fire Dance", "The Beige Man", "The Treacherous Net", and "Protected by the Shadows". Enjoy your reading!

    • What exactly is this Detective Inspector Huss series of books by Helene Tursten about?

      The Detective Inspector Huss series by Helene Tursten is a set of police procedural novels set in Sweden. The series revolves around the life and work of the protagonist, Detective Inspector Irene Huss. Irene Huss is a seasoned detective in the Violent Crimes Unit in Goteborg, Sweden. She's also a jujitsu champion, wife and mother of two teenage girls. The plots are smartly written and give a full view of both her work and private life. The series is widely acclaimed for its realism and its depiction of women in the police force.

    • I am a paperback book lover. Does Helene Tursten's Huss series come in this format?

      Yes, you can definitely enjoy the whole Detective Inspector Huss series by Tursten in paperback format. You can easily find these books in physical bookstores or online platforms. However, for convenience, you can also read them on Kindle.

    • Who are some other authors in the mystery and fiction genres that I might enjoy if I like Helene Tursten books?

      If you're a fan of Helene Tursten and her Detective Inspector Irene Huss series, you might also enjoy authors like Henning Mankell, Jo Nesbo, and Stieg Larsson. These authors, like Tursten, are known for their thrilling and engrossing mystery and fiction novels.

    • How can I get a more in-depth understanding of the books in the Detective Inspector Huss series without reading the full book?

      For a full review of Helene Tursten books, you can check various online platforms. These reviews typically provide an avg rating of the book and a clear rating by other readers. To get a better tursten view, you can also read a summary or a book refresh. Remember, however, nothing beats reading the full book to get the complete experience.

    • Is the Detective Inspector Huss series ongoing or has it already ended?

      The Detective Inspector Irene Huss series by Helene Tursten currently includes ten books. The series started in 1998 with "Detective Inspector Huss" and the latest book "Protected by the Shadows" was published in 2016. As of now, there has been no announcement for any new book in the series.

    • Can you recommend a place where I can purchase Helene Tursten's books?

      You can purchase Helene Tursten books from various sources. Physical bookstores, online shopping platforms and even the publisher, Soho Crime, sell her books. You can also purchase them in Kindle format for your e-reader.

    • Do the covers of the books in the Detective Inspector Huss series hold any significant meaning?

      The book covers of the Detective Inspector Irene Huss series are typically designed to mirror the atmosphere and setting of the story. While they may not provide a direct clue to the mystery within, they are certainly reflective of the overall tone of the book.

    • What is the average customer rating of the books in the Detective Inspector Huss series?

      The Detective Inspector Irene Huss series by Helene Tursten generally receives high average ratings from readers. The avg rating of the books is often around 4 stars out of 5. These ratings are testament to Tursten's skilled writing and compelling storytelling.