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Gor Books in Order (36 Book Series)

Avengers of GorAssassin of GorBeasts of Gor

Gor is a series of 36 books written by John Norman. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author John Norman and what is his connection to the Gorean series?

      John Norman is the author of the brilliantly imagined sci-fi series known as the Gor Book Series. This series is set on the fictional planet of Gor and it follows the adventures of an Earth man named Tarl Cabot.

    • Can you describe the world where the Gor series takes place?

      In the novel series, Gor is an alternate Earth, a place where cities of gleaming steel rise amidst savage jungles, and where women live to serve their male masters. It's a world that Norman published in a series of books that span decades, creating a richly detailed and vibrant universe.

    • How many books are there in the Gorean series by this author?

      There are over 30 Gor books in the Gor series, each one taking readers deeper into the world of Gor.

    • Is there a specific order to read the books?

      Yes, it's best to read the Gor novels in the order they were published. Starting with "Tarnsman of Gor" and continuing, you'll be able to follow the progression of Tarl Cabot's adventures on planet Gor.

    • As a new reader, where should I start with Gor books?

      For newcomers to the Gor series, it is recommended to start from the beginning with "Tarnsman of Gor". You'll journey with Tarl Cabot as he leaves Earth to rediscover his destiny on the planet Gor.

    • How do I find verified reviews of the Gor series?

      You can find a verified review by looking at review types on sites like Amazon or Goodreads. By going through each review, you can learn more about the Gor series and see if it's the kind of sci-fi fiction you'd enjoy reading.

    • Can I find Gor books on Kindle?

      Absolutely! You can find the entire Gor series on Kindle. Simply add the books you want to your cart and proceed to the counter to complete your purchase.

    • How does John Norman compare to other authors in the sci-fi genre?

      John Norman's work stands out due to his unique world-building and character development, especially in the Gor series. His detailed depiction of Gor's society, politics, and culture has set a high bar for other authors in the genre.

    • What themes do the Gor books explore?

      The Gor books delve into themes of power, freedom, and societal structures. They also explore the contrast between Earth and Gor, showing the reader two different world views through the eyes of the protagonist, Tarl Cabot.