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Gabriel Allon Books in Order (22 Book Series)


Gabriel Allon is a series of 22 books written by Daniel Silva. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What's the deal with the Gabriel Allon series and how should I read them in order?

      The Gabriel Allon series is a series of spy fiction books written by bestselling author Daniel Silva. The order of the books is crucial if you want to follow the evolution of the main character, Gabriel Allon, who is a spy and art restorer. The first book in the Gabriel Allon book series is "The Kill Artist," followed by "The English Assassin," and then "A Death in Vienna."

    • Are there any awards Silva has won for his Silva books?

      Yes, indeed. Daniel Silva, the author of the Gabriel Allon series, has been recognized with several Silva awards for his exceptional work in the genre of spy fiction.

    • I see that Silva is a bestselling author. Has he ever been featured in the New York Times?

      Absolutely. Daniel Silva is not just a bestselling author, but he is also a regular on the New York Times bestsellers list. His Gabriel Allon books have caught the attention of readers and critics alike, catapulting him to fame and making him one of the most prominent authors in the spy fiction genre.

    • I'm a fan of Silva's books. What character does he focus on in the Gabriel Allon series?

      The Gabriel Allon series is focused on the character of Gabriel Allon, an Israeli spy and art restorer. Gabriel Allon is a complex character with a dynamic and thrilling storyline that develops throughout the series.

    • I'm confused about the order of the Gabriel Allon books. Can you clarify this for me?

      Of course. Reading the Gabriel Allon series in order can enhance your reading experience. The first book in the series is "The Kill Artist," followed by "The English Assassin", "A Death in Vienna", and so on. You can find the complete order of the Gabriel Allon book series online to ensure you don't miss out on any of the thrilling adventures.

    • What's the connection between Gabriel Allon and the character Michael Osbourne from Silva's other books?

      Gabriel Allon and Michael Osbourne are both characters created by author Daniel Silva. While Michael Osbourne is from a different series by Silva, both characters share the thrilling world of spy fiction, showcasing Silva's talent for creating engaging and dynamic characters.

    • How does Silva combine the themes of art and espionage in the Gabriel Allon series?

      In the Gabriel Allon series, Silva masterfully combines the seemingly disparate worlds of art and espionage through the character of Gabriel Allon, who is both a spy and an art restorer.

    • Can you name a few of the top Silva books apart from the Gabriel Allon series?

      Apart from the Gabriel Allon series, some of the top Silva books include "The Unlikely Spy," "The Mark of the Assassin," and "The Marching Season." These books also provide thrilling tales of espionage and adventure.

    • Can I read Silva's Gabriel Allon books on my Kindle?

      Absolutely! All of Silva's Gabriel Allon books are available for reading on Kindle. It's a great way to have the entire series at your fingertips wherever you go.