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Felix Francis Books in Order (15 Book Series)


Felix Francis has written a series of 15 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 15 books


    • Can you provide a list of Felix Francis books in order?

      Certainly! The author Francis Felix continues the legacy of his father, Dick Francis, with his own thrilling contributions to the mystery and horse racing worlds. Felix Frances, starting with "Dick Francis's Gamble" in 2011, has written several books that are often considered part of the Francis book series. For accurate orders and full lists, feel free to explore our website's author page for Felix Francis; there, you'll find all his novels, including the latest book, organized chronologically. For more information on specific titles like "Francis Refusal" or "Francis Bloodline," be sure to check their respective sections on our site.

    • Who is the protagonist in Felix Francis books featuring Jefferson Hinkley in the hinkley books series?

      Jefferson Hinkley is the central character in a series of Felix Francis novels. This series of Hinkley books began with "Dick Francis's Damage" in 2014, and Hinkley, an investigator for the British Horseracing Authority, has become a beloved character among readers of the Francis bookseries. The detailed and captivating thrillers in which he stars can be found and followed in the series order through our collection.

    • Are there any Felix Francis books with Sid Halley as the main character?

      Yes, Sid Halley is a character originally created by the legendary thriller author Dick Francis. Felix, following in his father's footsteps, has continued to craft novels with Sid Halley, a resilient and insightful former jockey turned detective. The Sid Halley stories began with Dick Francis's works, but Felix's continuation includes titles like "Refusal," which is Felix Frances's Francis Refusal - official continuation of the Sid Halley series. You can find links to these Francis books available for your Kindle on our website.

    • What is the difference between Dick and Felix Francis books when considering the author and their order of publication?

      Dick Francis, the father and original Francis author, began writing horse racing mystery novels in the 1960s, becoming renowned for his engaging storytelling. Dick's son, author Felix, began co-writing with him in the years before Dick’s passing and later continued the Francis series on his own. Felix's books maintain the tradition of horse racing themes combined with mystery and thriller elements, often featuring new characters alongside familiar ones from Dick's stories. You can find both authors' works linked on our site in various orders and editions, ensuring readers can track the progression from Dick to Felix Frances.

    • I'm new to the Francis series. Where should I start reading?

      If you're new to the Francis series, it’s best to start with the Dick Francis novels to get a foundation of the universe Felix builds upon. You might begin with one of Dick's most celebrated characters, such as Sid Halley or Kit Fielding. After enjoying the classics, you can seamlessly transition into the Francis bookseries by Felix, which also stand alone for readers who prefer to start with his writing. No matter where you choose to start, each Francis book offers a captivating thriller experience.

    • What are the latest Felix Francis books featuring the author Felix Frances?

      The latest book by Felix Frances is typically an eagerly awaited event for fans of the series. You can find Felix Fraces's most recent novels and Francis novels listed on our website along with publication years and links to purchase them on Amazon. As author Felix continues writing, we regularly update our listings with his newest titles, ensuring avid readers don't miss out on the next thrilling chapter in the Francis lineage.

    • What themes are common in Felix Francis novels?

      Felix's novels, like those of his father, Dick Francis, often combine the world of horse racing with robust mystery and thriller plots. The Francis novels often feature protagonists who are deeply knowledgeable about the equestrian world, which adds an authentic touch to the suspenseful and dramatic storylines. Each title explores unique issues within this context, crafted with the attention to detail and exciting pacing that fans of the series have come to expect from a Francis author.