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Expeditionary Force Books in Order (16 Book Series)

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Expeditionary Force is a series of 16 books written by Craig Alanson. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What is the expeditionary force book I keep hearing about?

      The expeditionary force book you're hearing about is likely part of the Expeditionary Force Book Series. This series is a popular contribution to science fiction, authored by Craig Alanson, featuring the character Bishop and his adventures.

    • I'm interested in finding the mavericks book from the expeditionary force series. Any leads?

      Yes, the Mavericks book is part of the Expeditionary Force series. It's actually the sixth book in the series. Alanson narrated this science fiction masterpiece wonderfully.

    • In what order should I read the expeditionary force books to get the most out of the series?

      The books in the Expeditionary Force series should ideally be read in the order that the author, Craig Alanson, intended. Start with "Columbus Day", "SpecOps", then "Paradise" and continue onwards. A full order can be found online on various book counter online websites.

    • How can I find more books from this author?

      More books by the author can be found on either paperback or Kindle. A simple search of his name, Craig Alanson, will bring up his full bibliography, including the Expeditionary Force series and the Mavericks book.

    • Is there a menu or list of all the books in the expeditionary force series?

      Yes, you can find a menu or list of all the books in the Expeditionary Force series. Most of the time, each book's Kindle location or chapter list can serve as a menu of sorts. The author's website also provides a chronological order.

    • Should I expect any spin-offs from the expeditionary force series?

      The Mavericks Book is a spin-off from the Expeditionary Force series. It follows members of the human resistance fighting against alien oppressors. It's an exciting read with high ratings.

    • I heard something about Alanson and a podcast. What's that about?

      Yes, there was a podcast featuring Alanson discussing his writing process and the Expeditionary Force series. Unfortunately, the podcast failed to garner as much attention as expected, but it's still a fascinating listen for fans of the series.

    • Is there a way to interact with other fans of this force book series?

      Absolutely! There are a number of online forums and book clubs where you can add your comments and read other members' thoughts on the series. These platforms often rate each book on a star basis, where you can see the shelf rate given by fans.

    • Are these books considered science fiction or fantasy?

      The Expeditionary Force series, including the Mavericks book, is considered science fiction. While there may be elements of fantasy, the author, Craig Alanson, primarily writes within the realm of speculative fiction.