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Ever After High Books in Order (4 Book Series)

Monster High/Ever After High: The Legend of Shadow HighA Wonderlandiful WorldThe Storybook of Legends

Ever After High is a series of 4 books written by Shannon Hale. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Suzanne Selfors and why is she important in the Ever After High books series?

      Suzanne Selfors is one of the top authors who contributed significantly to the Ever After High series. She added her unique storytelling flair to the school story genre, infusing it with elements of fantasy and mystery, making it appealing to readers of different ages.

    • I'm trying to figure out the right order to read the Ever After High books. Can you help?

      Absolutely! The Ever After High books follow a specific reading order that enhances the reader's understanding of the story. You can find this information on a book’s "read shelving" label or "menu shelve". These features provide guidance on the order of primary works within a series and also indicate the total works in case of spin-offs and side stories.

    • Can you tell me more about the series? What should I expect?

      The Ever After High series is an amazing journey into a school for the children of fairytale characters. With each story, you get to explore a magical world of fantasy and mystery filled with top series characters including Raven, the reluctant queen. It's a balanced blend of school life, adventure, romance, and intrigue, making it a perfect read for both young adults and adults who love fiction.

    • I noticed there are many books in the series. Can you clarify a bit?

      Certainly! The Ever After High series includes both primary works and total works. Primary works are the main books in the series, while total works also count spin-offs or additional stories. You can check the "books subcategories" or "books chevron" on Goodreads to see all titles in the series.

    • I'm drawn towards the character Raven in the series. Can you tell me more about her role?

      Raven is a fundamental character in the Ever After High books. She's the daughter of the Evil Queen but wants to write her own destiny, which leads to an intriguing mix of school life, fantasy, and romance in her story. She is a symbol of the struggle between following tradition and carving one's path.

    • What are the age recommendations for the Ever After High series?

      The Ever After High series caters to a wide age range. Primarily, these books are suitable for young adults due to their school-based storyline. However, they have also proved popular with adults who enjoy fantasy, mystery, and a touch of romance.

    • How well-received are the Ever After High books? What’s their Goodreads rating?

      The Ever After High books have been well-received by readers around the world. You can see this based on their Goodreads rating, which combines all reviews to give a comprehensive score. This rating serves as a testament to the series' popularity and reader's appreciation for its unique blend of fantasy and school story.

    • Are the Ever After High books classified under any specific genres?

      Yes, the Ever After High books are typically classified under young adult fiction, fantasy, and mystery. They also contain elements of romance and school story genres, making them a versatile series that appeals to a wide range of readers.

    • Can you provide more details on the Ever After High books?

      The Ever After High books are an exciting series where each story unfolds at a school for the children of fairytale characters. They encompass a variety of sub-genres and themes, from fantasy, mystery, romance, to school life, making them a top choice for both young adults and adults. Their strong shelf rate and Goodreads rating are testimonies to their appeal amongst readers worldwide.