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Black Stallion Books in Order (20 Book Series)


Black Stallion is a series of 20 books written by Walter Farley. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I've heard a lot about the black stallion series, what's the best order to read these books?

      The Black Stallion series is a young adult horse-themed fiction series authored by Walter Farley. A verified review suggests that the best order to get into this series is to follow the publishing order. Start with "The Black Stallion," where Alec, the series protagonist, encounters a black stallion on an island after a shipwreck. The story then follows their journey from the island, their bond growing over time, and the horse races they encounter.

    • The black stallion book series sounds interesting, but how do I decide between hardcover paperback and paperback kindle versions?

      That's a matter of personal preference. Both hardcover paperback and paperback Kindle versions of the black stallion series are available. If you like having physical books on your shelf to rate and review, you might prefer the hardcover or paperback versions. If you're all about convenience and like to read on-the-go, the Kindle version would be your best bet.

    • I am a fan of young adult fiction. Is the black stallion series a good pick for me?

      Absolutely, the black stallion series is indeed a top series in the young adult fiction genre. The series revolves around Alec, a boy with a passion for horses, and his adventures with a black stallion. The series is a mix of fantasy, romance, and the thrill of horse racing, captivating readers across ages.

    • What's the main theme of the black stallion books?

      The series primarily focuses on young Alec's relationship with a beautiful black stallion he rescues from a shipwreck. The two form a strong bond, going through numerous adventures together. The series explores themes of courage, friendship, and love, coupled with the thrill of horse racing.

    • I want to buy one of the books from the black stallion series. Which one should I go for first?

      Go for "The Black Stallion” first. The story begins with Alec meeting a black stallion on an island. The series follows their journey from the island, the bond they develop, their adventures, and the exciting horse races they participate in. Reading in order will give you a better understanding of the characters and plot.

    • Is there any menu or list of the black stallion books in order?

      Yes, you can find a menu or list of the black stallion series books in order on various book reviewing websites. These websites allow you to menu shelve the series to your reading list and even offer tools to help you keep track of your reading.

    • Who are the main characters in the black stallion series?

      The main characters in the black stallion series are Alec, an adventurous young man, and the black stallion itself. Other recurring characters include Steve Duncan, Alec's friend, and various other horses that appear throughout the series.

    • Does the author of the black stallion series also write other book series?

      Walter Farley, the author of the black stallion series, is known mainly for this series. However, he did also write a sequel series featuring Alec's friend, Steve Duncan.

    • Are there any reviews available for the black stallion series?

      Yes, you can find verified reviews for the black stallion series on various book reviewing platforms. Reviews are a great way to learn about the series before you start reading it.