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Erik Larson Books in Order (9 Book Series)

In the Garden of BeastsDead WakeIsaac's Storm

Erik Larson has written a series of 9 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What is Erik Larson known for in the world of non-fiction books?

      Erik Larson is known for his gripping and well-researched non-fiction books that often delve into historical events and provide a unique perspective on the world. Some of his bestsellers include "The Devil in the White City" and "Isaac's Storm."

    • In which order were Erik Larson's books published?

      To follow the publication order of Erik Larson books, you would begin with "The Naked Consumer" (1992), followed by "Lethal Passage" (1994), "Isaac's Storm" (1999), "The Devil in the White City" (2003), "Thunderstruck" (2006), "In the Garden of Beasts" (2011), "Dead Wake" (2015), and "The Splendid and the Vile" (2020).

    • How does one quickly find a complete list of Erik Larson books in order?

      To quickly find a complete list of Erik Larson books in order, you can conduct an online search using the author's name and the term "book list." You'll likely find several websites that provide a comprehensive list of his works in both publication and chronological order.

    • What makes "The Devil in the White City" such a great book among Erik Larson's works?

      "The Devil in the White City" is often considered one of Erik Larson's greatest books due to its compelling narrative, which intertwines the true stories of the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago and infamous serial killer H.H. Holmes. The author's meticulous research and attention to detail bring this fascinating era in American history to life, making it an engaging and unforgettable read.

    • Are there any other formats like hardcover, paperback, or audio CD available for Erik Larson books?

      Yes, Erik Larson books can be found in various formats like hardcover, paperback, and audio CD. This allows readers to choose the best format according to their preferences and reading habits.

    • Can I read a full review of an Erik Larson book before making a purchase?

      Absolutely! You can read a full review of Erik Larson's books online by searching for the specific book title and the term "review." This helps you get an idea of what to expect from the book and make an informed decision about adding it to your reading list.

    • How does Erik Larson's writing style differ from other authors in the same genre?

      Erik Larson's writing style is unique in that he expertly blends historical facts with narrative storytelling, making his non-fiction books engaging and entertaining. This approach sets him apart from other authors in the same genre, as his books often read like fiction while still providing accurate and informative content.

    • How many years has Erik Larson been publishing books?

      Erik Larson has been publishing books for almost 30 years, with his first book, "The Naked Consumer," released in 1992.

    • Where can one purchase Erik Larson books, and are there any special edition cards available?

      Erik Larson books can be purchased at bookstores, both online and physical, as well as through various online retailers. While there may not be special edition cards available for his books, some editions may come with additional content or resources related to the book's subject matter.