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Elly Griffiths Books in Order (32 Book Series)

A Ghost in the GardenA Dying FallA Girl Called Justice

Elly Griffiths is a series of 32 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 32 books
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      Villa Serena

      Domenica De Rosa

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    • Who is the author of the popular book series featuring forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway and detective Max Mephisto?

      The author of these engaging novels is Elly Griffiths.

    • What order should I read the Elly Griffiths books in, particularly the Ruth Galloway series?

      To fully enjoy the Elly Griffiths book series, it's best to start by reading the series in order of publication, beginning with the first book, "The Crossing Places."

    • Can you provide more information about the first book in the Ruth Galloway series?

      "The Crossing Places" is the first book in the Ruth Galloway series, in which Ruth, an archaeologist, is called in to help DI Nelson with a mysterious case involving bones found on the marshes. The book is a great start for readers who love mystery and intriguing characters.

    • Are there any other series written by Elly Griffiths aside from the Ruth Galloway series?

      Yes, Elly Griffiths also authored the Brighton Mysteries series and the Harbinder Kaur series.

    • In what order should I read the Brighton Mysteries series?

      To enjoy the Brighton Mysteries series to the fullest, it's recommended to read the books in order of publication, starting with "The Zig Zag Girl" and then moving on to the following novels.

    • What is the significance of Max Mephisto in the world of Elly Griffiths's books?

      Max Mephisto is a recurring character in the Brighton Mysteries series, where he teams up with Detective Edgar Stephens to solve cases involving magic, mystery, and murder.

    • How do readers generally feel about the Ruth Galloway novels?

      Readers who enjoy mystery, well-developed characters, and engaging stories often find the Ruth Galloway novels to be a fantastic read, with many eager to continue the series in order to follow Ruth and Nelson's adventures.

    • What is the latest Elly Griffiths book to be published?

      As an author, Elly Griffiths continues to write and publish new books, so it's best to check her website or online retailers like Kindle for the most up-to-date information on her latest releases.

    • Have there been any adaptations of Elly Griffiths's Galloway series or other novels?

      As of now, there have not been any adaptations of Elly Griffiths's books for film or television, but with their popularity and captivating stories, it wouldn't be surprising if an adaptation were to be produced in the future.