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Ellie Alexander Books in Order (30 Book Series)


Ellie Alexander is a series of 30 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is this author Ellie Alexander everyone is buzzing about?

      Ellie Alexander is a beloved author known for her exciting and deliciously cozy mystery series, including the Bakeshop Mystery Series set in Ashland, and the Sloan Krause mysteries. Her books are known for their engaging plots, interesting characters, and mouth-watering descriptions of pastries.

    • I've heard rave reviews about the Sloan Krause series. Can you tell me more about it?

      Absolutely! The Sloan Krause series is a krause mystery series penned by author Ellie. The series follows the character Sloan Krause, a beer brewer with a knack for solving mysteries. This series is a warm, cozy mystery filled with intrigue, suspense, and a dash of romance.

    • As a fan of cozy mysteries, I'd like to explore Ellie Alexander's books. What should I read first?

      If you're new to Ellie Alexander's books, you might want to start with the Bakeshop Mystery series. The first book in this series, "Meet Your Baker", introduces Jules, a talented baker and amateur sleuth living in Ashland, Oregon. The series is a perfect blend of cozy fiction, mystery, and romance, an ideal read for cozy mystery lovers.

    • I love to read on my Kindle. Are there any Kindle cozy mysteries by Ellie Alexander, perhaps featuring Sloan Krause?

      Yes, indeed! Ellie Alexander has several cozy mysteries available for Kindle publication, including those featuring Sloan Krause. You can prepare yourself for a delightful reading experience with these novels.

    • What's the order of Ellie Alexander's books in the Sloan Krause series?

      The order of Ellie's Sloan Krause series starts with "Death on Tap", followed by "The Pint of No Return", "Beyond a Reasonable Stout", "Without a Brew", and the latest release, "Mise en Death". The series is a must-read for cozy mystery enthusiasts.

    • Can you tell me more about the Bakeshop series? Is there a romance element in these books?

      The Bakeshop Mystery series by Ellie Alexander, set in the cozy town of Ashland, Oregon, indeed has a touch of romance. Jules, the protagonist, navigates baking, mysteries, and romance in this series. These books are a mix of cozy mystery, romance, and lots of scrumptious pastries.

    • Who is Mindy and what role does she play in these books?

      Mindy is a character that appears in Ellie Alexander's Bakeshop Mystery series. She's Jules's best friend and a constant presence throughout the cases Jules encounters in Ashland. Mindy often provides moral support and occasionally assists in solving the mysteries.

    • Can you recommend a mystery sampler featuring Ellie Alexander's work?

      Yes! "Killer Characters" is a great mystery sampler that includes a mystery novella by Ellie Alexander alongside works by other authors, like Donna Andrews. It's a wonderful way to sample Alexander's storytelling style and get a taste of her cozy mystery genre.

    • Are the book covers of this series as cozy as the stories they contain?

      Absolutely! The book covers of Ellie Alexander's books, published by St. Martin Paperbacks, wonderfully capture the cozy atmosphere of the stories. They often feature elements from the story, like pastries, brews, and the charming Ashland setting. It's safe to say that the coziness extends from the content to the covers.