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Ellery Adams Books in Order (53 Book Series)


Ellery Adams is a series of 53 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What are some key series in the collection of Ellery Adams books?

      Ellery Adams books include several popular series, such as the Retreat Mysteries, Church Mysteries, and Shoppe Mysteries. Each series offers a unique setting and cast of characters, providing readers with a multitude of cozy, thrilling adventures.

    • I'm new to the author Ellery Adams. What order should I read her books in?

      The best way to enjoy author Ellery Adams's work is by reading her books in publication order. This allows you to follow the development of the characters and plot lines as the author intended. For instance, the Bayside Book Writers series follows Olivia Limoges as she uncovers mysteries in Oyster Bay.

    • What are some top-rated books by Ellery Adams?

      Some of the top-rated Ellery Adams books based on avg rating on Goodreads include titles from her Bayside Book Writers series, which is set in the cozy town of Oyster Bay. The series introduces readers to Olivia Limoges, a wealthy restaurateur and aspiring novelist who solves murders in her spare time.

    • Who are some of the key characters in the author's books?

      The author Ellery Adams creates a rich tapestry of characters in her works. In her Bayside Book Writers series, for instance, the main character is Olivia Limoges, a resident of the cozy town of Oyster Bay. Her trusty companion, a standard poodle named Captain Haviland, is another staple in the series. Stanley, a member of the mystery solving team, also adds a touch of romance to the books.

    • How does the author balance mystery, romance, and fiction in the books?

      Bestselling author Ellery Adams skilfully weaves elements of mystery, romance, and fiction in her books. The Bayside Book Writers series, for instance, features cozy mysteries where Olivia Limoges and her friends solve intriguing murders. Amidst the suspense, Adams also includes a hint of romance and fiction to keep readers engaged.

    • Are there any recurring themes in Ellery Adams books?

      Definitely! In the books of author Ellery Adams, a recurring theme is the concept of a cozy community. Whether it's the charm of Oyster Bay in the Bayside Books series or the quaint setting of the Shoppe Mysteries, the author consistently creates an intimate environment where mysteries unfold.

    • Where can I find Ellery Adams's books?

      Ellery Adams's books are widely available in physical bookstores and online. They are also available as Kindle publications. This includes her top-rated cozy mystery series like the Shoppe Mysteries and the Bayside Book Writers series.

    • Can you recommend any other authors who write in a similar genre as Ellery Adams?

      If you enjoy cozy mystery series like those written by bestselling author Ellery Adams, you might also like authors such as Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Louise Penny. They, like Adams, are known for creating engaging characters, cozy communities, and intriguing murder mysteries.

    • What elements make Ellery Adams books stand out?

      A few elements set Ellery Adams books apart from other mystery series. Her books feature compelling characters like Olivia Limoges, intricate murder mysteries that will keep you guessing, and cozy settings like Oyster Bay. They consistently achieve high avg ratings for their blend of mystery, fiction, and romance, which make for a thrilling yet heartwarming reading experience.