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Dismas Hardy Books in Order (19 Book Series)

BetrayalA Plague of SecretsDead Irish

Dismas Hardy is a series of 19 books written by John Lescroart. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you give me a brief introduction to the dismas hardy series?

      Absolutely, the dismas hardy series is a popular legal thriller collection authored by John Lescroart. It revolves around the main character, Dismas Hardy, a defense attorney based in San Francisco.

    • Who is the author responsible for creating the character of Dismas Hardy?

      The author John Lescroart is the genius behind the creation of Dismas Hardy. He has also penned other notable characters like Auguste Lupa and Wyatt Hunt.

    • How many books are there in the dismas hardy series?

      The dismas hardy series comprises over 20 books. Each book presents a new case for Dismas Hardy, keeping readers engrossed with novel legal scenarios.

    • Could you recommend where I could buy the dismas hardy books?

      Yes, you can purchase the dismas hardy books from online stores like Amazon. Just search for "Dismas Hardy" to view details and add your picks to the cart.

    • I heard there were other series penned by this author. Could you name a few?

      Yes, apart from the dismas hardy series, John Lescroart has written series featuring other characters such as Auguste Lupa and Wyatt Hunt.

    • Is there a definitive order in which the Dismas Hardy books should be read?

      As with most series, it's usually best to read the Dismas Hardy books in order of publication. This allows you to follow the development of characters and storylines in the way the author intended.

    • How can I keep track of which Dismas Hardy books I've read?

      A good way to do this is by using a website like Goodreads. You can see the goodreads rating for each book, view details, add books you've read to your virtual bookshelf, and even shelve John Lescroart books you plan to read next.

    • What if I want to read the series on my Kindle?

      You can also purchase the Dismas Hardy series for Kindle on Amazon. You can view details of each book and add them to your cart for purchase.

    • Can I find the Dismas Hardy series in a library?

      Yes, the Dismas Hardy series is widely popular and can be found in most libraries. You can check the library book list online or physically visit your nearest branch to borrow a copy.