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Diane Capri Books in Order (63 Book Series)


Diane Capri has written a series of 63 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 63 books
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    63 books in this series

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    • Who is the author, Diane Capri, and can you tell me about her Jack Reacher series?

      Author Diane Capri is renowned for her thrilling fiction series that explore the adventures of Lee Child's character, Jack Reacher. This captivating series Diane Capri has crafted is a must-read for any fan of Lee Child's Jack Reacher books.

    • How many books are there in the Diane Capri series focussed on Jack Reacher?

      The Diane Capri series dedicated to Jack Reacher's character has a total of 15 books. From "Don't Know Jack" to "Jack of Spades", each title in the series is a riveting read.

    • In what sequence should the Diane Capri's Jack Reacher books be read?

      For the best reading experience, you should follow the publication order. Diane Capri's first book in the series is "Don't Know Jack", followed by "Jack in a Box" and so on. The publication order allows you to fully understand the evolution of the character Jack Reacher.

    • I've read the "Jack Hunting" book by Diane Capri. Is there a particular title generator or shelf rate to determine the next book in the series?

      The "Jack Hunting" book is part of the Diane Capri series that features Jack Reacher. As far as a title generator or shelf rate, there isn't one specifically for this series. You can use a counter online to keep track of the books you've read and which ones are next.

    • Do Diane Capri books feature any romance or is it all hard-hitting action?

      While the primary focus of the Jack Reacher series by Capri Diane is action and mystery, there are elements of romance as well. However, these romance moments are subtle and do not overpower the thrilling storyline.

    • Are Diane Capri's books available in both paperback and hardcover formats?

      Yes, Diane Capri's books are available in both paperback and hardcover. Whether you want to hold a physical book or add it to your Kindle, you're spoilt for choice.

    • Is there a way to buy Diane Capri's books online?

      Absolutely. Diane Capri's books, including the Jack Reacher series, can be purchased online. Whether you prefer to shop for a physical copy or a Kindle publication, you have multiple options.

    • I've noticed certain Diane Capri books titled "Kindle False" and "Kindle Fatal". Do these belong to the Jack Reacher series?

      Yes, "Kindle False" and "Kindle Fatal" are indeed part of the Jack Reacher series by Diane Capri. These books continue the thrilling adventures of Jack Reacher, a character originally created by Lee Child.

    • Can you suggest a good Diane Capri book to start with if I'm new to the Jack Reacher series?

      If you're new to the Jack Reacher series by author Diane Capri, a good place to start would be "Don't Know Jack". This book sets the foundation for the series and gives you a good introduction to the character of Jack Reacher.