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Dean Koontz Books in Order (132 Book Series)


Dean Koontz is a series of 132 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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      Dean Koontz

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      Dean Koontz

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      Dean Koontz

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      Dean Koontz

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      Dean Koontz

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      Dean Koontz

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      Dean Koontz

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      Dean Koontz

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    • Who is Dean Koontz and what is he known for in the literary world?

      Dean Koontz is a prominent author, lauded for his bestselling novels that typically blend elements of horror, suspense, and mystery. He's penned a multitude of stories, each captivating in its own right. His knack for weaving thrilling tales has secured his place as a mainstay in fiction for years.

    • Could you tell us more about Dean Koontz's books and their genres?

      Dean Koontz's novels are a fascinating blend of horror, suspense, romance, and science fiction. They often oscillate between chilling night-time scenes and heart-pounding daytime action. His stories often feature recurring characters like Odd Thomas, making for a riveting series in order.

    • In what chronological order should I read Dean Koontz's books?

      Dean Koontz's books in order are typically arranged by publication date. One can follow the publication order starting with the author's first published book, 'Star Quest', released in 1968. However, for series such as the Odd Thomas or Nameless series, you might want to follow the series in order for a coherent story arc.

    • What are some of Dean Koontz's most popular books?

      Some of Dean Koontz's most popular books include titles like "Watchers," "Intensity," and the "Odd Thomas" series. These books have high avg ratings on platforms like Goodreads, reflecting their popularity among readers.

    • What is the publication order of Dean Koontz's books?

      From his first novel, “Star Quest”, published in 1968, to his latest works, the publication order of Dean Koontz's books spans over five decades. You can easily find the published details on various platforms like Amazon publishing or Goodreads.

    • I'm a fan of series reading. Which series of Dean Koontz's books would you recommend?

      One of the most loved series by the author is the "Odd Thomas" series. It's a gripping mix of horror and mystery, centered around the character Odd Thomas, a short-order cook with the ability to see the spirits of the dead. Another engrossing series by Koontz is the "Nameless" series, a spine-chilling thriller series that would be a great addition to your reading list.

    • Can I buy Dean Koontz's books in paperback or hardcover format?

      Absolutely! Dean Koontz's books are available in both paperback and hardcover formats. You can also get Dean Koontz books for your Kindle, including the popular title "Foxfire", on Amazon's Kindle publication.

    • Are Dean Koontz's novels available on Kindle? And if so, are there any in particular you'd recommend?

      Yes, many of Dean Koontz's novels are available on Kindle. Specifically, you might want to check out "Foxfire", available as a Kindle Foxfire edition. Other highly-rated titles include those in the "Odd Thomas" series, which blend humor, horror, and suspense in a uniquely engaging way.

    • What about Dean Koontz's book series' in order of popularity?

      The "Odd Thomas" series is perhaps the most popular among Dean Koontz's works, with "Odd Thomas" and "Forever Odd" being particularly well-received. The series focuses on the titular character, Odd Thomas, who has the unique ability to converse with the dead. Another popular series is the "Frankenstein" series, a modern spin on the classic tale that showcases Koontz's prowess in blending horror and science fiction.