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Daniel Silva Books in Order (25 Book Series)


Daniel Silva has written a series of 25 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me about the spy Gabriel, also known as Gabriel Allon, in Daniel Silva's series of books?

      The series of Daniel Silva's books in order has a main character named Gabriel Allon. Gabriel is a renowned spy and restorer, Gabriel Allon. Throughout the series, readers get to see Gabriel's journey from his early years as a spy to becoming one of the most celebrated figures in the world of spy fiction. He is featured in 26 books written by the author.

    • Is there a specific order to the Daniel Silva books?

      Yes, if you're looking to read the books in Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon series, it's best to follow their publication date. Starting with the first book in the series, "The Kill Artist", and following the order of release, you can watch as character development and plot lines unfold.

    • How does the author, Daniel Silva, handle romance in his books?

      Romance isn't the main focus in Silva's spy novels, but it does play a part. For instance, Gabriel Allon, the main character, has a significant romantic relationship that develops over the series. It adds to the character's depth, as it's woven into the larger narrative of intrigue and adventure.

    • How can I get a menu of the books in the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva?

      You can find a list of Daniel Silva's books in order online. Websites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble iBooks, and iBooks IndieBound often have comprehensive listings. You can check the price, print length, and publisher (Harper for many of Silva's books) directly on these sites.

    • Is there an easy way to buy or add the Gabriel Allon series to my reading list?

      Yes, you can easily add the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva to your reading list or buy them online. Most major book retailers, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble iBooks, and iBooks IndieBound, sell Silva's books. Just check the price, and you can add them to your cart for easy purchase.

    • Is Daniel Silva a well-recognized author in the world of spy novels?

      Absolutely. Daniel Silva is one of the most celebrated authors in the genre. Over the years, his books, especially the Gabriel Allon series, have received numerous awards. His compelling storytelling and well-researched plots make him a favorite among spy thriller fans.

    • What sets the Gabriel Allon series apart from other spy novels?

      One factor that sets the Gabriel Allon series apart is its character development. Allon isn't just a spy; he's also a skilled art restorer. This unique combination adds a level of depth and complexity to his character that many spy novels lack. The books also span several years, allowing readers to follow Allon's journey in depth.

    • When was the latest Gabriel Allon book released?

      The most recent Gabriel Allon book by Daniel Silva was released in Jul 2021. The book, titled "The Cellist", is the 21st book in the series. As with the previous books, it promises a mix of thrilling spy action and intricate plot lines.

    • Is the Gabriel Allon series good for Kindle readers?

      Yes, the Gabriel Allon series is available on Kindle. Additionally, they're available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble iBooks, and iBooks IndieBound. This allows readers to enjoy Daniel Silva's thrilling tales of spy Gabriel Allon in whichever format they prefer.