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CS Harris Books in Order (18 Book Series)

What Angels FearGood Time ComingWhat Darkness Brings

CS Harris has written a series of 18 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What genres do the Harris books belong to?

      The Harris books, written by the talented author CS Harris, are a blend of historical romance and thriller series, combining elements of mystery and love in a gripping narrative.

    • As a fan of historical fiction, would I enjoy the CS Harris books?

      Yes, you would definitely enjoy the CS Harris books if you are a fan of historical fiction. The novels are set in the early 19th century and feature a mix of historical events, mystery, and romance that will keep you hooked.

    • What is the protagonist's name in the thriller series written by CS Harris?

      The protagonist of the thriller series written by CS Harris is Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin. He is a captivating and complex character who navigates the world of high society and crime in Regency-era London.

    • I want to read the CS Harris books in order. What should I do?

      To read the CS Harris books in order, you should follow their publication order, starting with the first book in the series, "What Angels Fear," and continuing with subsequent novels like "When Gods Die" and "Why Mermaids Sing." You can find the full list of books on the author's website or on popular book review sites.

    • Can I read the CS Harris books on my Kindle?

      Absolutely! The historical mystery novels by CS Harris are available in different formats, including Kindle, making it easy for you to read and enjoy them on your preferred device.

    • Are there any authors similar to CS Harris that I might enjoy?

      If you enjoy the historical mystery and romance elements in the CS Harris books, you might also enjoy authors like Tasha Alexander, who writes the Lady Emily series, or Anne Perry, known for her Victorian-era mysteries. Both authors offer a similar blend of history, mystery, and romance.

    • I've heard that the CS Harris books are popular, but are they well-reviewed?

      Yes, the CS Harris books are not only popular, but they have also received critical acclaim from readers and reviewers alike. The engaging characters, intriguing mysteries, and accurate historical details have led to numerous positive reviews and a loyal fanbase for the series.

    • Can I find summaries or synopses of the CS Harris books online?

      Yes, you can find summaries and synopses of the CS Harris books on various book review websites, as well as on the author's official website. These can help you decide which novels to read or refresh your memory before diving into the latest installment of the series.

    • I just finished reading the latest CS Harris book. When can I expect the next one to be released?

      CS Harris typically releases a new Sebastian St. Cyr mystery novel every year, usually in the spring. To stay updated on the author's latest releases, you can follow her on social media or check her website for news on upcoming books.