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Codex Alera Books in Order (6 Book Series)


Codex Alera is a series of 6 books written by Jim Butcher. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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  • Can you tell me about the Codex Alera series?

    The Codex Alera series is a popular fantasy novel series written by the author Jim Butcher. The books feature a unique blend of romance, fiction, and magic, all set in the world of Alera.

  • Who is the author of Codex Alera?

    The author of Codex Alera is Jim Butcher, renowned for his writing skills and also known for his other series, The Dresden Files.

  • What are the books in the Codex Alera series, in order?

    To read the Codex Alera series in order, start with "Furies of Calderon," followed by "Academ's Fury," "Cursor's Fury," "Captain's Fury," "Princeps' Fury," and finally "First Lord's Fury." Those are the six Codex Alera books, each one a new game chapter in the epic saga.

  • How would you rate the books by the author Jim Butcher?

    Well, the shelf rate varies from person to person. But, Jim Butcher is a top author when it comes to fantasy fiction. His storytelling ability, particularly in the Codex Alera series, is highly praised.

  • Are the Codex Alera books available in various formats?

    Yes, the Codex Alera books are available in various formats. You can find them in hardcover, paperback, and also as Kindle editions. You can check the exact availability on any book counter online.

  • Why does Jim Butcher stand out among other authors?

    Jim Butcher stands out among other authors because of his writing style and the unique worlds he creates. His Codex Alera series, for example, talks chapters deep about magic, politics, and a society based on control of elemental furies. Plus, his online grammar is sharp, as he often interacts with fans and fellow authors.

  • What's the main title in the series Codex Alera?

    The main title in the series Codex Alera is "Furies of Calderon," which is the first book. But each book carries its unique title and contributes to the overall narrative.

  • I need help with my read shelving. Can you recommend a reading order for the books by author Jim Butcher?

    Certainly! For the Codex Alera series, you'd start with "Furies of Calderon," followed by "Academ's Fury," "Cursor's Fury," "Captain's Fury," "Princeps' Fury," and finally "First Lord's Fury." If you also wish to read his Dresden Files series, begin with "Storm Front" and continue in the order of publication.

  • When were the books in the Codex Alera series published?

    The first book in the series, "Furies of Calderon," was published in July 2004. The series continued with one book each year: "Academ's Fury" in July 2005, "Cursor's Fury" in December 2006, "Captain's Fury" in December 2007, "Princeps' Fury" in November 2008, and finally, "First Lord's Fury" in October 2009.