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Christina Henry Books in Order (17 Book Series)


Christina Henry has written a series of 17 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What are the Christina Henry books in order?

      The author Christina Henry has penned several bestselling books, which include the 'Alice' series, the 'Black Wings' series and standalone novels. The Alice series in order includes 'Alice', 'Red Queen', and 'Looking Glass'. The Black Wings series consists of 'Black Wings', 'Black Night', 'Black Howl', 'Black City', 'Black Heart', 'Black Spring', 'Black Water', and 'Black Ice'. Her standalone novels are 'Lost Boy' and 'The Girl in Red'.

    • Who is Christina Henry, and what series of books has this author written?

      Christina Henry is a bestselling author known for her fantasy and fiction novels. She has written the 'Alice' series, the 'Black Wings' series, and standalone novels. The 'Alice' series has a twisted take on the classic Alice in Wonderland story, while the 'Black Wings' series revolves around an angel named Maddy who becomes entangled in the supernatural world.

    • I am interested in the 'Alice' series by author Christina Henry. Could you provide me some details about this book series?

      The 'Alice' series by the author Christina Henry revolves around the character of Alice, who has been trapped in a mental institution for years. The books in this series are dark fantasy novels, filled with danger and mystery. They include 'Alice', 'Red Queen', and 'Looking Glass'. All of them can be acquired in paperback or Kindle format.

    • I've heard a lot about the 'Black Wings' series by Christina Henry. Could you give me more information about these books?

      The 'Black Wings' series by bestselling author Christina Henry revolves around Maddy, a grim reaper with black wings who becomes entangled in a world of supernatural beings. The series is published by Ace and includes 'Black Wings', 'Black Night', 'Black Howl', 'Black City', 'Black Heart', 'Black Spring', 'Black Water', and 'Black Ice'. If you love fantasy and fiction, you'll find these novels gripping.

    • What are the latest books of Christina Henry, and where can they be found?

      The latest book by bestselling author Christina Henry is 'Near the Bone', a horror novel set in the woods. Another recent novel is 'The Ghost Tree', a piece of fiction set in a small town. Both books, like most of her novels, are available in paperback and Kindle format.

    • What is a standout feature of Christina Henry's book covers?

      The fantasy and fiction novels of author Christina Henry are not only engaging, but their book covers are also enticing. Her covers often feature elements from her stories like the black wings of Maddy or the red cap of the 'Girl in Red'.

    • Can you share some thoughts on the romance in Christina Henry's books?

      While Christina Henry's books are primarily fantasy and fiction, there is often a subtle romance element. For instance, in the 'Black Wings' series, Maddy shares a complex relationship with Gabriel, a demon. Also, in the 'Alice' series, Alice and Hatcher share a deep bond. The author builds these relationships with thought and sensitivity.

    • I want to add a Christina Henry book to my reading list. What should I consider?

      When adding a Christina Henry book to your reading list, consider the genre you prefer. She writes both standalone novels and series, ranging from fantasy and fiction to horror. If you enjoy twisted takes on fairy tales, consider starting with the 'Alice' series. If you prefer a supernatural world with angels and demons, the 'Black Wings' series would be a good start.

    • Does Christina Henry write any other types of books besides fantasy and fiction?

      While Christina Henry is primarily known for her fantasy and fiction novels, she has also delved into the horror genre. Her latest book, 'Near the Bone', is a chilling horror story set in the woods. She continues to experiment with different genres, displaying her versatility as an author.