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Charles Martin Books in Order (18 Book Series)


Charles Martin has written a series of 18 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me about Charles Martin, the author of those popular books I've heard so much about?

      Absolutely! Author Charles Martin is well known for his captivating novels. His books often delve into the deep aspects of life, love, and the human condition, frequently set against a dramatic backdrop that makes the stories even more compelling. Whether you're reading a hardcover, paperback or even a paperback Kindle version, you're sure to be engrossed in Martin's storytelling.

    • I'm a big fan of fiction, especially Charles Martin's works. I was wondering if all of Charles Martin's books are fiction or does he write non-fiction as well?

      While Martin primarily writes fiction, especially general fiction and romance, he has also ventured into nonfiction books. His varied repertoire is one of the many things that make his readers love his writing.

    • I'd like to read Charles Martin's books in order. Can you reply with a list of his books?

      Yes, of course! If you want to read Martin's books in order, you'll start with "The Dead Don't Dance" and "Maggie". Then proceed to "When Crickets Cry", "Chasing Fireflies", "Wrapped in Rain" and "Where the River Ends". "The Mountain Between Us", "Thunder and Rain", "Unwritten", "A Life Intercepted", and "Water from My Heart" follow sequentially. "Long Way Gone" and "Send Down the Rain" are the last ones. Remember that some of these books are standalone books, so you are free to read them in any order you prefer.

    • Are all of Charles Martin's books available in different formats like hardcover, paperback, and Kindle?

      Yes, all of Martin's books are available in various formats. You can find them in hardcover, paperback, and even for Kindle on platforms like Nelson Amazon.

    • I'm intrigued about the book "Send Down the Rain". Who's the publisher and how many pages does it have?

      "Send Down the Rain" is published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. The book contains 352 pages. Thomas Nelson is known for publishing quality fiction and nonfiction books.

    • I'm interested in Martin's book "Thunder and Rain". How would you describe it?

      "Thunder and Rain" is one of Charles Martin's captivating novels. It's a story about life, love, and sacrifice set against the backdrop of Texas cowboy life. It is a compelling read that explores the depth of human emotions and relationships.

    • I remember reading a book by Charles Martin years ago and I loved it. I think the title had the word "rain" in it. Can you help me find it?

      Certainly! Author Charles Martin has two novels with "rain" in the title: "Send Down the Rain" and "Wrapped in Rain". Both of these books are mesmerizing stories that explore the various facets of life and love.

    • What can you tell me about the book "Wrapped in Rain"? It was recommended to me by a friend who loves Charles Martin's works.

      "Wrapped in Rain" is one of Charles Martin's most loved books. It tells the story of a man named Tucker who's had a complex life and is now a renowned photographer. The book explores his relationships, past traumas, and his journey towards healing. It's a heartfelt story that will surely touch your heart.

    • Who is the character Murphy in Charles Martin's books?

      The character Murphy is from Martin's book "Chasing Fireflies". He is a mysterious boy who doesn't speak but communicates through writing. As the story unfolds, the complex and touching story of Murphy's life is revealed, making it a compelling read.