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Camilla Läckberg Books in Order (14 Book Series)

Silver TearsBuried AngelsThe Drowning

Camilla Läckberg is a series of 14 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 14 books


    • What is the recommended reading order for the Camilla Lackberg book series?

      The recommended reading order for reading Camilla Lackberg's books, particularly her popular Fjällbacka series, starts with "The Ice Princess," followed by "The Preacher," "The Stonecutter," "The Gallows Bird," "The Hidden Child," "The Drowning," "The Lost Boy," "The Ice Child," and "The Girl in the Woods." Starting with "The Ice Princess" will ensure you get introduced to the characters and setting as Lackberg intended. This sequence will also allow readers to experience how the series has developed over the years ago, and reading read in this order ensures the continuity of the plot and character development.

    • Who is the author behind these popular Camilla Läckberg books and crime fiction noir novels?

      Camilla Läckberg, a Swedish author, is known for her crime fiction novels set in and around the small Swedish town of Fjällbacka. They are often described as thrilling Nordic noir due to their dark themes and cold, Scandinavian settings. Her stories are well-regarded today for their gripping suspense, and for reading them, readers are often engrossed by the strong sense of atmosphere she creates.

    • Are there any recurring characters throughout Camilla Lackberg's läckberg books?

      Yes, Camilla Lackberg's books often feature recurring characters, with crime writer Erica Falck and her husband, detective Patrik Hedström, as the stars. Their personal and professional lives weave through the series, providing a continuous thread from one book to the next, thus enhancing the reading experience.

    • Can I add Camilla Läckberg's books directly to my bookshelf from your site today?

      While you cannot directly add books to your shelf from our site today, you can find Camilla Lackberg's novels listed on Most Recommended Books with links to their Amazon pages, making it easy to purchase and read Läckberg's compelling series.

    • How has Camilla Lackberg's writing style evolved over the noir genre years?

      Over the years ago, Camilla Lackberg's writing style has matured, deepening in complexity and psychological insights. Her earlier works established her brand of crime noir, while her more recent novels have shown an evolution in character development and plot intricacy, remaining a staple of modern crime thriller literature. As readers continue to read her work, they can see the progression and refinement in her storytelling.

    • I'm new to Camilla Lackberg's writing. Which book should I read first?

      If you're new to Camilla Lackberg's writing, it's advisable to start with "The Ice Princess," her debut novel, and proceed in order from there. This will allow you to experience the characters' growth and the unfolding of the overarching themes in the series, and it's the perfect introduction to her books that many have been reading over the years.

    • Does Most Recommended Books have a way for readers to reply with their thoughts on Camilla Lackberg's novels?

      At Most Recommended Books, although we do not host a platform for readers to reply directly with their reviews, we provide curated lists of Lackberg's books and encourage our community to share their thoughts on the linked Amazon product pages.