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Boruto Manga Books in Order (15 Book Series)


Boruto Manga is a series of 15 books written by Ukyō Kodachi. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I'm interested in the Boruto series order, but I'm new to this. Can you provide information on that?

      Absolutely! The Boruto series is a top series that follows the events of Naruto, its predecessor. The manga series starts with "Boruto Vol 1: Naruto Next Generations" and continues in a sequential order. You can view details of each volume in the books chevron on our website.

    • Who are the top authors of the Boruto manga books?

      The Boruto manga books are primarily written and illustrated by the talented Ukyo Kodachi and Mikio Ikemoto, under the supervision of Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto.

    • I've heard of a series called Boruto, a continuation of the story from Naruto, right?

      Yes, you're right! Boruto is essentially the next generation story following the Naruto series. It revolves around Boruto Uzumaki, Naruto's son, and introduces new characters along with familiar faces from the Naruto series.

    • How many books are there in the Boruto manga series?

      The Boruto manga series has over 15 books published so far, with more still being produced. Each book chronicles different arcs of Boruto's adventures.

    • Are there any novels for the Boruto series like there were for Naruto?

      Yes, in addition to the manga books, there are also Boruto novels that delve deeper into the characters and their stories. These novels, like the manga series, are also quite popular among fans.

    • As a big fan of Naruto, should I join the fan base of the Boruto series?

      I'd say absolutely join! If you loved Naruto, then you'll likely enjoy following the adventures of his son in the Boruto series. Plus, you'll be joining a passionate and welcoming community of fans.

    • Which Boruto manga book stars Naruto in a prominent role?

      Naruto features prominently in the initial volumes of the Boruto manga series as he is still the Hokage. But remember, while Naruto is a key character, the real star of the series is his son, Boruto.

    • How do I know which Boruto manga book to read next?

      To know the order of books in the Boruto manga series, you can look at the books subcategories on our store website. Each book is marked with a volume number, so you'll easily know which one to read or buy next.

    • Is there any kind of code I could use to get a discount on these manga books?

      No, we don't offer promotional codes that can be used to purchase books at a discounted price (because we sell everything via Amazon).