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Amelia Jane Books in Order (9 Book Series)


Amelia Jane is a series of 9 books written by Enid Blyton. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    9 books in this series

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    • What is the amelia jane books series about?

      The Amelia Jane series is a collection of children's books that center around the adventures of Amelia Jane, a mischievous doll, and her friends. The books are filled with stories of mischief, adventure, and fun, making it a favorite read for children over the years.

    • Who is the author of the amelia jane books?

      The author of the Amelia Jane books is Enid Blyton. She is renowned for her children's fiction, writing multiple book series that have captivated children for years.

    • Can I find a mary mouse story in the amelia jane books?

      Yes, Mary Mouse is another character in the Amelia Jane books. The series includes stories where Mary Mouse, the tiny toy, teams up with other toys against the mischievous doll, making for a delightful read for children.

    • Is there a noddy book within the amelia jane books series?

      While Noddy is another popular creation of the same author, the Amelia Jane books and Noddy books are different series. However, children who enjoy the Amelia Jane books will also likely enjoy Noddy's adventures.

    • Can the amelia jane books be read as graphic books or comics?

      The Amelia Jane books are primarily text-based, designed to stimulate the imagination of children through the written word. However, there are also comic books and graphic books adaptations of some of the stories, which can be a great way for children to enjoy the adventures in a more visual format.

    • I am a fan of Kindle reading. Is it possible to read the amelia jane books on Kindle?

      Yes, the Kindle publication of the Amelia Jane books series is available. You can open the menu, select "Books", then search for "Amelia Jane". Don't forget to close the menu after making your selection.

    • Can I also find mary mouse and noddy books on Kindle?

      Yes, you can find both Mary Mouse and Noddy books for Kindle. Simply open the menu, select "Books", and then enter "Mary Mouse" or "Noddy" in the search bar. Once you're done, don't forget to close the menu.

    • What other formats are the amelia jane books available in?

      In addition to the Kindle edition, the Amelia Jane books are also available in paperback. This means children can enjoy the adventures, whether they prefer reading from a screen or a physical book.

    • How have the amelia jane books been received by readers?

      The Amelia Jane books have been very positively reviewed by readers. The series has been praised for its engaging stories, fun characters, and the sense of adventure it evokes in children. It's a classic children's series that continues to be loved by new generations of readers.