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Alice Oseman Books in Order (10 Book Series)


Alice Oseman has written a series of 10 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What is the correct order to read Alice Oseman's books and series?

      The correct order to read Alice Oseman books starts with 'Solitaire', followed by the 'Heartstopper' series that is divided into various volumes. The order commences with 'Heartstopper Volume 1', succeeded by 'Heartstopper Volume 2', 'Heartstopper Volume 3', and all the way to 'Heartstopper Volume 4'.

    • Can you give me a quick synopsis of the 'Heartstopper Volume 1' book?

      'Heartstopper Volume 1' features the blossoming love story between Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson. Alice's portrayal of a gradual romance that springs between the two boys, Charlie and Nick, is not only heartwarming but also realistic.

    • From Alice Oseman's books, which one should I add to my wishlist first?

      If you're starting with Alice Oseman books, you should add 'Solitaire' to your wishlist quick. It's the first book in chronological order and introduces the character Tori Spring, who also appears in the 'Heartstopper' series.

    • How does 'Heartstopper Volume 2' continue the story of Charlie and Nick?

      'Heartstopper Volume 2' continues the YA romance story of Charlie and Nick from 'Heartstopper Volume 1'. The book deepens their relationship and explores their feelings for each other more intricately.

    • What is the storyline of 'Heartstopper Volume 3'?

      In 'Heartstopper Volume 3', Charlie and Nick's love story takes a new turn. Their relationship faces challenges as they navigate the ups and downs of young love. It is a beautiful book that further develops their romance.

    • After reading 'Solitaire' and the 'Heartstopper' series, what book by Alice Oseman should I read next?

      After reading 'Solitaire' and the 'Heartstopper' series, you should read 'Radio Silence', another one of author Alice Oseman's novels. Remember to add it to your wishlist quick and remove 'Solitaire' and the 'Heartstopper' volumes from your wishlist after you've read them!

    • What are some key characters in Alice Oseman's novels?

      Some key characters in Alice Oseman's novels include Tori Spring, Charlie Spring, and Nick Nelson. Charlie and Nick are the protagonists in the 'Heartstopper' series, and their love story is a central theme in the books.

    • Do Alice Oseman's books adhere to a strict timeline?

      Alice Oseman's books do not follow a strict timeline. However, they do have an order that provides continuity to character arcs and storylines. 'Solitaire' is the first novel in order, followed by the 'Heartstopper' series.

    • Where can I buy Alice Oseman books, including the 'Heartstopper' volumes?

      Alice Oseman books can be purchased from numerous retailers. Amazon Charlie, the handy assistant, can guide you to the Graphix Amazon page where all her works, including the 'Heartstopper' volumes, are listed. Don't forget to check out the ratings before you buy!