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Ali Reynolds Books in Order (20 Book Series)

ClawbackA Last GoodbyeCold Betrayal

Ali Reynolds is a series of 20 books written by J. A. Jance. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

    Total: 20 books
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    • Who is the author of I Survived books?

      Lauren Tarshis is the author of the Survived series novels.

    • How many I Survived books are there?

      There are 22 books in the I Survived book series.

    • How was this list of Lauren Tarshis' novels created?

      We noticed that most Survived series lists online aren't very thoughtul (see for yourself if you can find a good one!). Sometimes they miss books, sometimes they add the wrong publication dates. So we built what we believe is the most accurate Survived series list (and if we made any mistake, let us know!)

    • Where should I start with the I Survived series?

      Frankly, each book in the Survived series is independent. So start with whichever you want. It's cool that, although they're fiction, the Survived series stories revolve around kids who survived different tradgedies. So pick any that peaks your interest and start there :) Btw, they also have graphic books, so check those if you're more of a graphic person!

    • Why can't I add any book to a shopping cart?

      Our number one rule is "don't try to out-Bezos Bezos". This is how we survive AND why we don't have the features you can already find on Amazon (no reviews, no store, no reading list, no price, no hardcover paperback kindle version, etc... even funko toys!). Amazon already has it all :) We focus on what we do well (build awesome, accurate lists and make sure the site's performance and experience is tip top).

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