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20 Best LitRPG Books of All Time

Our goal: Find the best LitRPG books according to the internet (not just one random person's opinion).

    Here's what we did:
  1. Type "best litrpg books" into our search engine and study the top 5+ pages.
  2. Add only the books mentioned 2+ times.
  3. Rank the results neatly for you here! 😊
    (It was a lot of work. But hey! That's why we're here, right?)

(Updated 2024)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

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  1. 1
  2. 2
    Ascend Online

    Ascend Online

    Luke Chmilenko

    Ready Player One

    Ready Player One

    Ernest Cline

  4. 4
    The Land

    The Land


    Aleron Kong

  5. 5
    The Game
  6. 9
    Life Reset
  7. 10
    Eden's Gate
  8. 11
  9. 13
    Viridian Gate Online
  10. 14
    Opening Moves
  11. 15
  12. 17
  13. 18
    Project Daily Grind
  14. 19
    More Than a Game
  15. 20
    The Beginning


  • What are some of the best highly-rated litrpgs available?

    If you're seeking the best litrpg book, ratings on Most Recommended Books are a trusty guide. Many titles in this genre have received 4 to 5 stars, indicating that readers have embraced them enthusiastically. A high star rating typically reflects a well-crafted story and compelling character development. Over time, you'll find that newer releases might even garner better ratings as the genre evolves.

  • Who is a notable author in the LitRPG genre?

    The LitRPG genre is full of talented authors, but Aleron Kong has been hailed as the "Father of American LitRPG". His series "The Land" is often recommended for anyone looking to explore a quintessential LitRPG fantasy adventure. Other noteworthy authors, like Jason Anspach and his contributions to LitRPG, have helped solidify the genre's popularity.

  • Can I listen to LitRPGs as audiobooks?

    Absolutely, LitRPG audiobooks are a fantastic way to enjoy the genre, especially if you have a busy lifestyle, like in the month of Jul for many people. They deliver the same rich story in an accessible format and are available for download to listen to on various devices.

  • Are there any LitRPG series that stand out for Kindle users?

    Kindle readers have a vast selection of LitRPG series to choose from. One of the best features on Kindle is the ability to sample books for free before making a purchase. This is a great way to dive into a new fantasy series and discover if it’s right for you.

  • What themes are commonly explored in a good litrpg?

    A good litrpg often blends elements of fantasy, gaming, and sometimes science fiction. Common themes revolve around character progression, quests, and the blurry line between virtual and real life. The stories frequently explore the impact that the game world has on the character's real life and vice versa.

  • I’m new to LitRPG. Is there a series that is particularly good to start with?

    For a newcomer, The Way of the Shaman series by Vasily Mahanenko is a well-received introduction. It perfectly embodies the essence of LitRPG with a blend of good storytelling, strong character arcs, and the immersive fantasy world that makes this genre unique.

  • Is the LitRPG genre suitable for readers who enjoy classic fantasy novels?

    LitRPG is a subgenre of fantasy that often appeals to those who appreciate good fantasy storytelling. It takes the magic and adventure from traditional fantasy and merges it with the mechanics and structure of role-playing games. If you're a fan of fantasy and open to a new twist on traditional storytelling, you may find LitRPGs a perfect fit.

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