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White Teeth

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Here you will find a White Teeth summary (Zadie Smith's book).
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White Teeth Summary Overview

On the first day of 1975, middle-aged divorcee, Archie Jones, attempts suicide inside his car but is saved by a local butcher. Feeling a newfound zest for life, Archie stumbles upon a party house where he meets Clara Bowden, a striking young black woman considerably younger than him. Only six weeks later, they get married. Clara, an immigrant from Jamaica, was brought to London by her Jehovah's Witness mother, Hortense. Clara rejects her mother's faith and Hortense, in turn, disowns her for marrying a white man. Archie's life post-marriage is mostly spent at an Arab-owned bar, O'Connell’s, with his old friend Samad Miah Iqbal. Archie and Samad's friendship dates back to the Second World War when they served together in the British Army and had a powerful encounter with a Nazi scientist, Dr. Perret. After the war, they lose touch for almost thirty years. In 1973, Samad and his young wife, Alsana, move from Bangladesh to London, into Archie’s neighborhood, rekindling the old friendship. The bond between the Jones and Iqbal families continues for 25 years. Alsana and Clara become friends, initially due to their husbands' companionship, and eventually due to their shared experiences as immigrants and wives to older men. They give birth at the same time; Alsana has twin boys, Magid and Millat, while Clara has a daughter, Irie. In 1984, Samad, guilt-ridden over an affair, vows to send his twins back to Bangladesh for a traditional upbringing. But, he can only afford to send one; he sends off Magid without Alsana's consent, causing years of resentment. In London, Millat, known as a womanizer, and Irie grow up together. They both end up being tutored by Joyce and Marcus Chalfen; Marcus, a genetic engineer, is working on a project called FutureMouse which predicts cell production. This leads to unexpected outcomes. Magid, back in Bangladesh, grows into a pro-British, anti-religious, science enthusiast, while Millat becomes a religious extremist in London. In the turn of events, Magid returns to Britain and joins Marcus on the FutureMouse project. The families try to reconcile the now opposite twin brothers, involving Irie, who ends up pregnant but uncertain of the father, as both twins could be the potential father. The opposition against the FutureMouse project leads to a convergence of several groups, including KEVIN, FATE, traditional Muslims, and Jehovah’s Witnesses, at the Perret Institute on the day of the demonstration. A shocking revelation occurs when Samad Iqbal recognizes Dr. Perret, realizing Archie had lied about shooting him years ago. Archie, seeing Millat with a gun, intercedes and saves Dr. Perret's life yet again, causing chaos and the disappearance of the FutureMouse. The twins both get community service as the witnesses couldn't tell them apart. Years later, Archie and Samad play cards with their wives on New Year’s Eve at O’Connell’s, which has now opened its doors to women. Meanwhile, on a beach in Jamaica, Irie, Josh Chalfen, her grandmother Hortense, and Irie's little daughter celebrate the New Year.

chapter 1

On the first day of 1975, Alfred Archibald Jones attempts to take his own life by filling his closed car with gas. He picks a parking lot owned by a halal butcher, Mo Hussein-Ishmael, to execute his plan. Mo, busy with his regular morning pigeon chase, spots Archie in the car, breaks the window, and saves him. Archie contemplates suicide due to his uneventful life—a lackluster childhood, a broken marriage, and a stagnating career. His wartime experience was insignificant, and his proudest achievement—participating in the 1948 London Olympics as a track cyclist—was mistakenly left out from the official records. He still receives postcards from his competitor Horst Ibelgaufts, who tied with him for thirteenth place. As he inches towards unconsciousness from the gas, he recalls Daria, with whom he and Horst celebrated their shared win. After his rescue by Mo, Archie has a newfound will to live. He drives aimlessly, eventually stumbling upon a house advertising an End of the World Party. Welcomed into the house by a man named Merlin, Archie socializes and debates about the second world war. He takes a moment to recover from the heated discussion and spots Clara Bowden descending the stairs. Clara, a tall, Black 19-year-old, takes Archie's breath away with her beauty. Six weeks later, Archie and Clara tie the knot.

chapter 2

Clara Bowden, a Jamaican Londoner from Lambeth, has a complicated relationship with an unpopular man, Ryan Topps. Clara identifies with Ryan due to their social standing. She shares a home with her parents, specifically her father, Marcus, who is perpetually glued to the television, and her mother, Hortense, a fervent Jehovah’s Witness eagerly awaiting the world's end on January 1, 1975. Hortense's fervor results in Clara distributing leaflets about the forthcoming apocalypse. While disseminating leaflets, Clara encounters Ryan, her idol, leading to a budding relationship. Ryan introduces Clara to Merlin’s commune where she fascinates members with apocalyptic narratives, persuading them to throw a party. Concurrently, Ryan and Hortense attempt to reform Clara's ways. During a scooter lesson with Ryan, they crash, leaving Clara toothless and Ryan unscathed. As Ryan spends New Year's Eve in prayer with Hortense, Clara celebrates at the commune party. The following day, Clara's path crosses with Archie Jones.

chapter 3

Archie Jones ties the knot with Clara Bowden on Valentine's day, 1975, with a simple registry office ceremony. Their only attendees are Samad Miah Iqbal, a war buddy of Archie, and his wife, Alsana. The rest of their acquaintances and family members reject their wedding invites. Before three months pass, the newlyweds settle in a residence in Willesden Green. This home is an upgrade for Clara, who doesn't love Archie but appreciates his kindness and her improved circumstances. Shortly after their nuptials, Archie falls back into his single habits, hanging out with Samad at O'Connell's pub in his free time. Samad and Alsana, living a mere four blocks from Archie and Clara, have labored to own their home. Samad earns a living as a server at his cousin Ardashir's eatery, while Alsana sews risqué black plastic outfits for a local adult store, Domination, from their home. When Samad asks Ardashir for a pay bump and gets rejected, it sparks a big quarrel between Samad and Alsana. In her anger, Alsana destroys her clothes, dons an overcoat, and storms out. During her walk, she can't help but appreciate the beauty of their neighborhood. She runs into Clara and Archie, who are moving boxes into their home, and Clara reminds her of their dinner invitation. In this conversation, Alsana discloses her pregnancy to Clara.

chapter 4

Clara Jones, informs her spouse Archie about her pregnancy which prompts him to buy cigars in celebration - but ends up with Indian sweets instead. His colleagues decline his sweets. Archie's boss, Mr. Hero, tells him that his interracial marriage is causing discomfort among some staff and he won't be invited to the upcoming company dinner. Clara and Alsana, also expecting, form a friendship through their shared experience and their husbands' connection. The pair are often accompanied by Neena, Alsana's niece. Over lunch in Kilburn Park, they discuss possible baby names and Alsana's arranged marriage to Samad, which Neena views as antiquated. Alsana, however, believes in maintaining silence for the sake of family peace and admits there's much she prefers not to know about her husband. Neena questions how Samad and Archie's friendship originated, but Clara and Alsana are both clueless. While Clara fantasizes about Archie's youthful soldier days, Alsana is doubtful due to their lack of war memorabilia. Both women face the fact that their children will grow up with older fathers with lacklustre personalities and constrained lifestyles.

chapter 5

Archie Jones and Samad Iqbal are introduced in April 1945. Archie, at seventeen, is two years younger than Samad. They are soldiers in the same tank battalion of the British Army in Greece. They are responsible for clearing paths for other troops, although they're aware that the real conflict is in the skies. Samad, a pilot by training but unable to fly due to a hand injury, feels out of place. Their tank breaks down on May 6, 1945, in a small Bulgarian village near Greece and Turkey. While waiting for help, Archie and Samad go to a village café. On returning, they find their team members murdered. Unaware that the war in Europe has ended, they stay by their tank attempting to repair the radio while sharing personal stories. Samad talks about his great-grandfather, a Bengali hero who resisted the British in 1857. They also try to identify their comrades' killer; Dr. Sick, a mysterious man known to the village kids, is their prime suspect. Soon, Russian soldiers arrive in the village. Iqbal and Jones, wearing their deceased companions' clothes, pose as a captain and a lieutenant. The Russians reveal that the war has ended and that a renowned Nazi scientist, Dr. Marc-Pierre Perret, is living in the village. They suspect that Dr. Sick is Dr. Perret. They join the Russians in a raid on Dr. Perret's house. During the raid, Samad is high on morphine. Archie prevents him from taking his own life when he sobers up. The Russians intend to take Dr. Perret to Poland. Samad gets them drunk, plays cards with them till they deplete their resources, then proposes to forgive their debts in exchange for Dr. Perret. Archie and Samad plan to kill Dr. Perret to add meaning to their war experience. They transport Dr. Perret away from the village and dispute over who should execute him. Archie is persuaded to do the deed, and he drags Dr. Perret away. Samad hears a gunshot and then sees Archie, wounding his leg, appear in the headlights, appearing childlike due to his round face.

chapter 6

Samad Iqbal, father of twin sons Magid and Millat, plays a significant role at the local school. During a governor's meeting in July 1984, he fiercely critiques the school's Harvest Festival, labelling it a pagan holiday, much to his wife Alsana's mortification. Poppy Burt-Jones, a music teacher who supports Samad's views, suggests they team up to introduce Indian music to the students and likens Samad to Omar Sharif. Samad, however, becomes infatuated with Poppy, which engulfs his every thought, leading to guilt as he strives to be a devout Muslim. His preoccupation is so evident that his colleagues at the restaurant notice a lack of focus in his job. The children, Magid, Millat and Irie (Archie and Clara's daughter), declare that they won't speak unless permitted to participate in the Harvest Festival. Clara backs her daughter, and Archie follows suit. Meanwhile, Samad and Alsana discover that Magid sometimes disguises himself as Mark Smith at school, which prompts fears of their sons losing their Muslim identities. In response, Samad bans his sons from engaging in the pagan festival. Fast forward to September 1984, Samad attends school to watch Poppy introducing Indian music to the student orchestra. The students’ attempts at Indian music are comical. Samad, trying to influence his sons, demonstrates Indian dance moves when asked to share their music preferences. Misinterpreting his father's actions, Millat performs Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Post-rehearsal, Poppy lures Samad into her office, and they share a heated kiss.

chapter 7

On a morning where Samad and his twin boys, Magid and Millat, rise early, preparations for the day are made. Samad readies a spare set of clothes for a plan to rendezvous with Poppy Burt-Jones, while his sons pack food into their bags for the Harvest Festival. This event involves them providing food to underprivileged seniors. The twins, joined by Irie Jones, take a bus west to Kensal Rise to visit their assigned charity recipient. Meanwhile, Samad heads east on the same bus line to Harlesden, surprised to find that Poppy resides in such a multicultural neighborhood. He changes in a public restroom and visits his relatives' shop, establishing a cover for his actions. At the home of J.P. Hamilton, their assigned elderly citizen, the children are met with a shocking revelation. Hamilton, an elderly white man, reveals his racist beliefs, terrifying the children with tales of using the white color of teeth to target Black individuals. His rant about the removal of wisdom teeth at a young age shakes the kids, who quickly leave, taking their donated food with them. They're accustomed to encountering mentally unstable people around town, but Hamilton's behavior is particularly unnerving. Meanwhile, in Harlesden, Samad and Poppy face a verbal onslaught from a local eccentric, Mad Mary. Samad defends them, impressing Poppy. The two spend the rest of the day wandering Harlesden, eventually deciding to spend the night together. When Poppy presents Samad with a toothbrush she bought for him 'just in case', he spots his sons and Irie across the street, enthusiastically beckoning to him.

chapter 8

Samad confides in Archie at their regular pub, O'Connell's, about his crush on Poppy and his self-reproach for his moral downfall. He is concerned that he's lost control over his sons' upbringing and contemplates sending them back to Bangladesh. However, due to financial constraints, only one can go. After much deliberation, he chooses Magid, and secretly arranges the travel for early November without informing Alsana. On the night of October 31, Samad returns home late to find Alsana in tears over a political assassination in India. Her distress stems from the potential impact this will have on India and Bangladesh, and she expresses relief that their sons are not there. Samad counters by suggesting their sons might be better off there, sparking a heated argument between them, witnessed by Millat and Magid. Following their confrontation, Samad calls Poppy to end their relationship. On November 4, during his normal workday, Samad receives a request to personally wait on some customers. He arrives at table 12 to find Poppy and her sister waiting. Despite Poppy's prodding for him to speak, he simply takes their orders. After work, he reunites with Archie, who is responsible for handing over Magid to their cousin, Zinat, who will take him to Bangladesh. Samad bids Magid farewell.

chapter 9

Alsana goes silent towards Samad after he sends their son, Magid, to Bangladesh without her consent. She's fretful that a calamity in Bangladesh might harm Magid. To Samad, Magid's the ideal son, while the remaining twin, Millat, is a troublemaker in London. Millat, a charismatic rebel, learns from the video store. Samad feels his decision regarding Magid was right, while Alsana notes Millat's uncanny knowledge of Magid's activities, despite the distance between them. A tremendous storm lashes London in October 1987. The Iqbal family takes refuge at the Jones’s house. Irie Jones, now a teenager, admits her love for Millat in her diary. During the storm, a huge tree crashes into their kitchen, but Archie efficiently handles the situation. Irie and Millat venture out in the rain, where he kisses her and warns about impending trouble. By January 1989, Millat, accompanied by four boys, travels to Bradford looking like gangsters. Their destination is a demonstration against an author accused of disrespecting Allah. Millat doesn't know the book's content. Meanwhile, Samad and Alsana spot Millat at the Bradford protest on the news. Upon his return, Millat discovers Alsana burning his possessions in a backyard bonfire. On November 10, 1989, both families dine together, watching the Berlin Wall collapse. Irie enjoys seeing the youth celebrate freedom. When war stories start between Samad and Archie, the rest of the family exits. The friends then proceed to O’Connell’s.

chapter 10

Archie and Samad close out 1989 at O’Connell’s, a bar they've been frequenting for fifteen years. Finally, Samad convinces Mickey, the bar's Arab owner, to display a portrait of Mangal Pande, Samad’s ancestor. Mickey has consistently declined to hang the portrait since it was discovered in 1981 in an old book by one of Samad’s nephews. The book's author, A. S. Misra, is the only scholar who backs up Samad’s belief that his forebear was a hero, contrary to most sources who depict Mangal Pande as an impulsive fool. In 1857, a British bullet factory in India sparked controversy. The bullets were coated in pork and beef fat, an insult to both Muslim and Hindu Indian soldiers. Mangal Pande was the first to protest the British authority on the matter, but his attempts to murder his lieutenant and take his own life were unsuccessful. Pande was executed for treason, triggering a mutiny that led to numerous Indian and British fatalities. Even in 1989, Samad continues to uphold his great-grandfather's honor. Now at least, Mangal Pande's portrait is proudly displayed in Samad's second home.

chapter 11

At the age of 15, Irie Jones is a large girl, light-skinned and with big, expressive eyes, usually rocking a large Afro. She's constantly preoccupied by her looks and weight, largely because of her infatuation with Millat Iqbal. However, to Millat, she's only a close friend, nothing more. In an attempt to appeal to him, she straightens and dyes her hair red. This results in her hair falling out, forcing her to invest in expensive extensions. Despite her efforts, Irie's attempts go unnoticed by Millat. When she visits the Iqbal house, he's not there. Instead, she finds Alsana's cousin Neena and her partner Maxine, who empathize with Irie's hair predicament and advise her to stop chasing after Millat. Irie observes that Samad seems downcast. Alsana reveals that they've received a letter from Magid in Bangladesh who has fully embraced pro-British views. This sparks another quarrel between Samad and Alsana about Magid, causing Irie to leave to avoid the conflict. Back at school, Irie discovers Millat smoking marijuana with Hifan, a member of KEVIN - the Keepers of the Eternal and Victorious Islamic Nation. Millat shares the joint with Irie, who then passes it onto Joshua Chalfen, the class geek engrossed in a game of Goblins and Gorgons. Just then, a group of parents led by Irie's father, Archie, catch them using marijuana. As a consequence, Millat and Irie are assigned to a study group that is to be held at Joshua's parents, Joyce and Marcus Chalfen's house as punishment.

chapter 12

The Chalfens, Joyce and Marcus, are intellectuals with a successful marriage and four sons. Joyce is a gardening author, while Marcus is a popular geneticist. Their independent nature means they're content without a large social circle. Joyce enjoys being needed, hence when Irie and Millat require tutoring - as punishment for marijuana use in school - she's eager to help. Joyce is particularly drawn to Millat, while Marcus expresses interest in Irie's appearance. Irie admires the Chalfens and wishes to emulate them, while Millat views them as a financial resource, persuading Joyce to give him a significant sum of money. The Chalfen's eldest son, Joshua, grows envious of the attention Millat receives from his mother. Marcus, noticing Irie's scientific aptitude, introduces her to his study and his genetic research project, FutureMouse. He also employs her to assist in office organization. Alsana and Clara, after a few months, become worried about the Chalfens' influence on their kids. Alsana is anxious about the Chalfens distancing Millat from her. Neena visits the Chalfens to evaluate the situation, finding them eccentric but advises the Iqbals to worry more about Millat's involvement with KEVIN. Clara, after visiting Joyce, examines portraits of the Chalfen ancestors. She believes that Irie's scientific interests come from her English heritage, only to feel embarrassed as the Bowdens seem more intelligent than Captain Charlie Durham.

chapter 13

Clara harbors mistrust towards the Chalfens and their intention to teach Irie, in part due to the Bowden's past experiences with British education. Clara's grandmother, Ambrosia Bowden, becomes pregnant as a teenager by an Englishman, Captain Charlie Durham, who also takes upon himself to educate her. Eventually, Durham leaves Jamaica and entrusts Ambrosia to his friend, Sir Edmund Flecker Glenard. Offended by her pregnancy, Sir Edmund sends Ambrosia to a devout Christian woman who introduces her to the Jehovah's Witnesses. Ambrosia gives birth to Hortense Bowden on January 14, 1907. One day when Ambrosia encounters Sir Edmund on Market Street, he leads her into a church and begins to inappropriately touch her. Suddenly, an earthquake strikes. A statue of the Madonna collapses onto Sir Edmund, leading to his death, while Ambrosia goes into labor and gives birth to Hortense. Captain Durham eventually returns to Jamaica intending to wed Ambrosia, but the US ships rescuing Jamaicans refuse to accommodate Black individuals. Moreover, Ambrosia declines to leave with Durham. She decides to remain in Jamaica, believing the apocalypse is imminent.

chapter 14

Marcus Chalfen and Magid Iqbal, residing in Bangladesh, become letter-writing friends. Despite his father's intention to protect him from Western influence, Magid develops an interest in Western science, particularly genetic engineering. Marcus, impressed by Magid, plans to bring him to England to pursue a university education and assist with his FutureMouse project. The Chalfens extend their support to Millat and Irie. Millat's charisma grips Joyce more and more, even as his behavior worsens. Irie, working as Marcus's part-time secretary, intercepts the letters between Marcus and Magid. One letter, containing comments about Irie's physique and her scientific skills, suggests that she might become a dentist. Though hurt, Irie decides to pursue dentistry. Wishing to explore Africa before attending university, similar to her friend Joshua Chalfen, Irie storms into her parents’ room late at night. She is aghast to learn that her mother has dentures, a secret kept from her, and in her distress, she leaves home. She boards a bus to her grandmother Hortense's residence.

chapter 15

Irie temporarily stays at Hortense’s place, sleeping on the couch as the extra room is occupied by Ryan Topps, her grandmother’s friend and Clara's former boyfriend. Ryan is a religious man devoted to Jehovah's Witness and partakes in the workings of Brooklyn Hall. Their current mission is to discover the exact date marking the end of the world. Meanwhile, Hortense and Ryan spend their time in religious activities, while Irie busily prepares for her university entrance exams. Twice a week, Irie visits the Chalfens' house assisting Marcus with his paperwork. She briefly converses with Millat, who's now engaged with his Islamist group. Joshua, on the other hand, keeps his distance from his family. Irie weekends with Archie and Clara, always eager to return to Hortense’s. She finds joy in exploring old family photos, learning about her diverse ancestry, and fantasizing about Jamaica. One day, Joshua pays a visit to Irie at Hortense’s. He's now a passionate advocate for animal rights and a member of FATE, protesting against his father’s experiments on FutureMouse. Another visitor, Samad, is in distress as neither he nor Alsana has seen Millat for three weeks. Interestingly, Hortense and Ryan are informed that the apocalypse is predicted for New Year's Eve, 1999.

chapter 16

Marcus Chalfen awaits someone at the airport when a young Asian woman recognizes his book on gene editing. A discussion about the darker aspects of genetic manipulation makes it clear that his FutureMouse experiment has sparked public interest, both positive and negative, including a strained relationship with his son, Joshua. Marcus's wait ends when he meets Magid Iqbal, freshly arrived from Bangladesh, who looks identical to his twin Millat. However, Marcus feels an immediate intellectual connection with Magid that he never found with Millat. Magid's arrival in London stirs up trouble. His father, Samad, labels him a clone due to his pro-English sentiment, while his mother, Alsana, is thrilled by his promising future. Millat's animosity forces Magid to stay with the Chalfens, causing Joshua's jealousy, prompting him to move in with Clara and Archie. Irie, now working for both Marcus and Magid, spends more time at the Chalfens' residence. Marcus finds in Magid an ideal apprentice. Magid assists with Marcus's work, helps him prepare for television appearances, and aids in organizing a public exhibit of FutureMouse. The showcase will run for seven years, from the last day of 1992 to the last of 1999, allowing the public to watch the mouse's pre-programmed genetic alterations.

chapter 17

Joyce Chalfen meets with the Iqbals to voice her worries about Millat. Alsana blames Joyce and Marcus for causing her sons to be at odds and stealing them from her. Alsana reveals some pamphlets from KEVIN, Millat's new radical Islamic group, which is against the FutureMouse project that Marcus and Magid are involved with. Joyce and Alsana agree that the twins, Magid and Millat, need to reconcile. Archie and Samad introduce Magid to their favorite spot, O’Connell’s, to discuss a possible meeting with Millat. Although Magid and the bar owner, Mickey, get along, he soon clashes with his dad, Samad. Like Millat, Samad sees the FutureMouse project as opposing Allah's will. But, Magid agrees to confront his brother. Archie, Samad, Alsana, and Clara decide that Irie, who has been close to the twins all her life, is the right person to mediate the reunion. Irie goes to see Millat, who's trying to abide by the strict rules of KEVIN, including denying himself any physical pleasure. An accidental touch sparks an intense interaction, and they end up making love. Immediately after, Millat starts praying, leaving Irie feeling embarrassed. She rushes to the Chalfens’ place, finds Magid, and sleeps with him too. When the brothers finally come face-to-face, they fail to see eye-to-eye. Magid remains committed to the FutureMouse project, while Millat promises to resist it.

chapter 18

Millat and his Islamic extremist acquaintances attend a speech by KEVIN's founder, the Barbadian prophet. The group, led by Brother Ibrahim, is plotting against Marcus Chalfen and his FutureMouse project. Mohammed Hussein-Ishamel, a butcher and frequent target of racially motivated attacks, is also present. Tired of the violence, Mo is interested in the KEVIN cause, leading Millat to invite him for a deeper discussion about their plans. Simultaneously, Joshua, a member of FATE (Fighting Animal Torture and Exploitation), is in a meeting to strategize a similar campaign. He joined FATE to resist his father's influence and because of his romantic feelings for Joely, a co-founder of FATE. The group debates whether to target Marcus directly or liberate the mouse. On December 20, Hortense and Ryan urge Irie to avoid the FutureMouse unveiling. They intend to use the event to spread the message of Jehovah's Witnesses. As these protest plans unfold, Magid observes all the FutureMouse preparations. He takes pride in contributing to a project that aims to bring predictability and certainty to life.

chapter 19

As the year 1992 comes to a close, Joshua finds himself in a crowded minibus on the way to the Perret Institute with a group of FATE members. Despite the festive atmosphere on the streets, they're on a mission to protest against FutureMouse. Joshua grapples with feelings of guilt for going against his father, but remains firm in his stand for animal rights. He appears calm to his friends Joely and Crispin, although he knows it's inertia, not calmness. Simultaneously, Millat and his KEVIN group are also enroute to the same place, planning to voice their objection by reciting from the Qur’an. While they bicker over which English version to use, Millat remains detached, concealing a private scheme. Ryan, with Hortense as his passenger, speeds towards the institute on his motorcycle, followed by a minibus of Jehovah's Witnesses. Meanwhile, Archie, Clara, and Irie join Samad and Alsana on a bus. Their conversation, centered around the FutureMouse project, is abruptly halted by Irie's outburst. Unbeknownst to all, Irie is pregnant and uncertain whether Millat or Magid is the father of her unborn child.

chapter 20

At the Perret Institute, a press conference setup with a small mouse trapped in a glass box draws everything into focus. Abdul-Mickey keeps Archie entertained while Joshua worries their FATE plan may fail due to incorrect seating. Meanwhile, Millat observes his KEVIN comrades, biding his time. As the presentation by Marcus and Magid begins, outside music grows louder. Hortense and her group are singing, prompting Samad to try and silence them. The spotlight is on special guest, Dr. Marc-Pierre Perret, when chaos erupts. Archie realizes his connection to Dr. Perret at the same moment Samad discovers a fifty-year-old lie about Archie shooting Dr. Perret. Archie manages to shield Dr. Perret from Millat's gun, inadvertently freeing the FutureMouse from its glass prison as he crashes into the table. Neither spectators nor authorities can confirm whether it was Millat or Magid who fired the weapon, resulting in both receiving a sentence of community service. Time jumps to New Year's Eve 1999. Irie is in Jamaica with her grandmother, Hortense, her lover, Joshua, and their young daughter. Simultaneously, in London, Archie and Samad celebrate with Clara and Alsana at O'Connell's, which has started welcoming women.

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