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The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief Summary


Here you will find a The Lightning Thief summary (Rick Riordan's book).
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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

The Lightning Thief Summary Overview

Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson, an often misunderstood boy with dyslexia and ADHD, lives with his mother and detestable stepfather. His life takes a bizarre turn when, during a school trip, his math teacher morphs into a monster and attacks him. Saved by another teacher, Mr. Brunner, who hands him a pen that transforms into a sword, Percy defeats his monstrous teacher. However, no one else seems to remember her. After being expelled from school and witnessing ominous signs of death, he and his mother flee their home, pursued by a monster. During their escape, Percy's mother vanishes in a golden light, leaving Percy and his friend Grover, who reveals himself to be a satyr, to continue to a magical camp, Camp Half-Blood. Once at the camp, Percy discovers he is a demi-god, the child of a mortal and a god, but his divine parent is unknown. He meets other campers who are children of gods, including wise Annabeth, rebellious Luke, and confrontational Clarisse. After a clash with Clarisse, Percy learns his father is Poseidon, one of the three most powerful gods. However, this revelation is interrupted by a hellhound attack, and Percy is sent on a perilous quest. He learns that Zeus, the king of the gods, has accused Poseidon of stealing his lightning bolt, and Percy must return it before a war between the gods breaks out. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth embark on a cross-country journey to the Underworld, believing Hades, god of the dead, to be the true thief. They encounter and battle numerous mythical creatures along the way, including the gorgon Medusa and a monstrous casino owner named Crusty. When they finally reach the Underworld, Percy finds himself falsely accused of stealing both Zeus's bolt and Hades' helm of darkness. After escaping the Underworld using magical pearls, the trio confronts Ares, the god of war, who they realize had manipulated them. Percy defeats Ares, obtains the stolen items, and returns them to their rightful owners. Percy's mother reappears, and they return home, where she uses Medusa's head to turn Percy's stepfather into a statue. Back at camp, Percy learns that Luke had been the original thief, stealing the items for the Titan Kronos, and makes plans to confront him next summer.

chapter 1

Percy Jackson, a 12-year-old attending Yancy Academy, finds his life takes an abrupt turn during a school visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here, they take in Roman and Greek art and discuss Greek deities. Percy has a history of encountering weird incidents on such trips. Accompanying the trip are two teachers, Mr. Brunner, Percy’s respected Latin teacher, and Mrs. Dodds, while Percy's only companion, Grover, also tags along. As they traverse the museum, Mr. Brunner tells Percy he has immense potential, a comment that baffles Percy given his struggles with school and dyslexia. After a skirmish with a bully named Nancy Bobofit at a water fountain, Percy is wrongly blamed for pushing her. Mrs. Dodds takes Percy away to reprimand him. In the process, she morphs into a Fury, a legendary creature with bat wings and yellow fangs. Suddenly, Mr. Brunner appears and hurls a pen at Percy that morphs into a bronze sword. Percy uses it to strike the monster, reducing it to dust. Astonished by the events, Percy goes back to the fountain, only to be told by everyone that Mrs. Dodds never existed and Mrs. Kerr was always their math teacher. This leaves Percy even more bewildered.

chapter 2

Percy is further puzzled when everyone forgets about Mrs. Dodds after he defeats her. His bafflement results in declining grades, disagreements with Nancy, and disrespecting a teacher. He's ultimately expelled from Yancy Academy but can complete the ongoing school year. Percy dedicates his study efforts to Latin, his favorite subject taught by Mr. Brunner. Eavesdropping on a conversation between Mr. Bruner and Grover, Percy learns about a magical mist that made everyone forget about Mrs. Dodds' incident. Grover also mentions that Percy might be their only hope against the "Kindly Ones" by the summer solstice. Post school year, Percy interrogates Grover about his chat with Mr. Brunner while on a bus ride. Grover admits he is Percy's guardian before the bus breaks down. They spot three elderly women knitting across the street, which panics Grover. He insists both should walk together to Percy's home. Percy looks on as the central woman severs a thread. They understand the action to symbolize an impending death as they return to the bus.

chapter 3

Percy arrives alone at the bus station, leaving Grover behind. He discusses his mother, Sally Jackson, before entering their apartment. Despite hardships, she's the finest person he knows. His father, absent since a sea trip, was Sally's only joy despite their lack of marriage. Percy has no memories of him. Sally later wed Gabe, dubbed by Percy as “Smelly Gabe, the world-class jerk.” Smelly Gabe greets Percy in an unpleasant manner, causing him to go upstairs angrily. His mother later pacifies him with the thrilling news of a vacation to Montauk Beach, the place she met his father. As they are about to leave, Smelly Gabe warns Percy about taking care of his vehicle. At the beach, Sally addresses Percy's queries about his father. He discovers his father intended to send him to a specific camp, but Sally couldn't do it. A knock on the door during a raging storm wakes up Percy and Sally. The visitor is Grover, who has been looking for Percy since he lost him at the bus station. Sally is not surprised by Grover's visit but wants to know why he is there. She insists Percy recount every event at Yancy and the museum. After Percy's narration, they hurry to the car, and Percy then observes Grover's hoofed feet.

chapter 4

Percy, Grover, and Sally are escaping a storm in their car when Percy spots a creature tailing them. Curious about Grover's identity and his relationship with Sally, he confronts them. Grover reveals he's a satyr whose job is to safeguard Percy and that keeping Percy ignorant about his world minimizes the risk of monster attacks. Learning that the three old ladies Percy met were the Fates, Sally drives him to a safe camp. Unfortunately, their car slips into a ditch, hurting Grover. Sally instructs Percy to seek help by crossing a hefty tree signifying safety but Percy, refusing to abandon his mother and Grover, stays put even as the creature draws nearer. With great effort, they manage to extricate Grover from the wreckage and make their way to the tree. Percy identifies the approaching monster as a hybrid of a bull and a man. As he attempts to name the beast, his mother warns him of the significance of names. She counsels him to dodge sideways if the beast lunges, given a bull's inability to change direction swiftly. Percy follows her advice when the beast charges, infuriating it. The enraged beast attacks Sally and Grover who are on the road's edge. It grabs Sally's neck, causing her to vanish in a brilliant golden glow. Engulfed in anger, Percy defeats the monster by ripping off a horn and plunging it into the monster’s side. He gets Grover to safety, and both of them faint on a farmhouse porch after a young girl identifies him as "the one."

chapter 5

Once recovered, Percy takes in the camp's beauty, though he mourns what he believes is his mom's demise. He attempts to recall his fight with the Minotaur. Grover apologizes to Percy for not saving Sally and failing as a keeper. But Percy doesn't blame Grover. They exit the farmhouse and venture into the primary area of Camp Half-Blood. Percy meets Mr. D, the camp's head; Chiron, formerly known as Mr. Brunner; and Athena's daughter, Annabeth. Percy finds out that Chiron was at his school to mentor him on Grover's recommendation. Percy, Chiron, Mr. D, and Grover engage in a game of pinochle. Amid the game, they talk about Greek gods' existence, even revealing that Mr. D is Dionysus, the wine god. Soon, Mr. D and Grover depart, leaving Chiron and Percy to have a private chat. They discuss Mount Olympus and the Greek gods further. Chiron informs Percy that he'll understand more about himself and his place once he's more at ease in his cabin. It's at this point that Percy sees Chiron's true form—a centaur.

chapter 6

As Chiron escorts Percy around the camp, he reveals that this is Grover's second shot at being a keeper, having failed once before. Percy is apprehensive about the consequences if his protection mission is deemed unsuccessful by Mr. D and the Cloven Elders. Percy observes mascot symbols for gods on the cabins as they approach them. Before entering his assigned “Hermes” cabin, for those whose godly parent is unknown, he is welcomed by Annabeth and introduced to Luke, his cabin counselor and Hermes' son. Feeling underappreciated for his Minotaur fight, Percy steps out of the cabin. Annabeth follows him out, clarifying that monsters can't die due to their soullessness; they can re-emerge, so it's best to call them “Kindly Ones.” She also implies Percy's presence at the camp confirms his demi-god status. However, their discussion is interrupted by Clarisse, Ares's daughter, who instigates a bathroom brawl with them. Percy unexpectedly uses water manipulation to drench Clarisse and her allies in self-defense. Humiliated, she vows revenge on Percy.

chapter 7

Percy grapples with adjusting to his new environment and the mysteries about his paternal lineage. Annabeth informs him of the necessity of staying at the camp for his safety, as it protects him from monsters and mortals who can't enter without being summoned. She stresses that he's more vulnerable to danger if he remains in the mortal world, also mentioning that Percy's departure from camp would require permission or a quest assignment. When Percy queries about the summer solstice, Annabeth shares her sense of unease during the winter solstice trip to Mount Olympus, along with Clarisse and Luke. She divulges overhearing discussions about a stolen object that could incite a war if not returned by the summer solstice. The day concludes with Percy and Annabeth retreating to their cabins for a chat with Luke. Luke confides in Percy that despite Annabeth's eager desire for a quest, she must await the arrival of someone special. Though puzzled by Luke's cryptic comment, Percy chooses to let it slide.

chapter 8

Percy discovers his abilities and lineage while adjusting to camp life. He unexpectedly beats Luke in a sword duel, surprising both of them. He then has a conversation with Grover about his wish for a searcher's license, which he could get closer to if he managed to protect Percy on a quest. They also discuss the "Big Three" gods: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. The two go on to discuss how the "Big Three's" offspring are more potent than other half-bloods, leading the trio to swear off having more children due to the chaos caused by their offspring. However, Zeus had a daughter, Thalia, which enraged Hades and led him to send monsters after her. Thalia sacrificed herself to save her companions en route to Camp Half-Blood, and Zeus immortalized her as a pine tree, now known as Half-Blood Hill, which continues to shield the camp. During a nighttime game of capture the flag, Clarisse and some other campers ambush Percy and deeply wound his arm. Despite being injured, Percy mysteriously manages to fend off his attackers from a creek. At the same time, Luke manages to win the game for his team. Annabeth appears near Percy after removing her invisibility cap, and they notice that his wound has healed. A hellhound suddenly attacks Percy but is swiftly killed by Chiron's arrows. Chiron deduces that someone inside the camp must have lured the monster to attack Percy. As Percy returns to the water to heal, a hologram reveals that Poseidon has acknowledged Percy as his son.

chapter 9

Percy is assigned a private cabin and permitted certain privileges at camp after Poseidon admits to being his father. He's also given a mission to save the world. These benefits, however, don't alleviate his anger and loneliness, as he's blamed for his mother's vanishing. Grover advises Percy to discuss the mission with Chiron and the Oracle about his fate. Percy agrees to the mission and learns from Chiron that Zeus and Poseidon are quarreling as Zeus thinks Poseidon stole his powerful lightning bolt. Poseidon denies the theft and demands an apology by the summer solstice, which is the same day Zeus expects his bolt back. The failure of the mission will trigger an apocalypse. Zeus believes the return of his bolt by Poseidon's son will serve as a valuable peace gesture. The Oracle advises Percy to go west, confront a god to recover the stolen object, and warns that a friend will betray him and he'll fail to protect what's most important. Chiron suspects Hades stole the bolt because he was upset with Zeus for breaking their agreement to not have more children. Chiron believes Hades knew Zeus would blame Poseidon, causing a war, and that Poseidon would acknowledge Percy as his son. Hence, Hades has attempted to kill Percy by sending monsters like the Minotaur before Percy could embark on his mission. Percy is frustrated that Hades' attempts to kill him resulted in his mother's disappearance, scaring the camp. Percy, along with Grover and Annabeth, embarks on the mission. This gives Grover an opportunity to earn his searcher’s license and fulfills Annabeth's longing for an adventure.

chapter 10

Before heading on their quest, Luke gifts Percy a pair of magical flying shoes. Wary of Zeus's wrath, Percy gives the shoes to Grover instead. Chiron presents Percy with a pen that transforms into a sword named Riptide, which is designed to harm only monsters, not humans. However, Percy is warned that he remains vulnerable to both human and divine weaponry. In the city, Percy is reminded of his family, leading Grover to explain that his mother stayed with Smelly Gabe to protect Percy by masking his scent from monsters. During their bus journey to the Underworld's entrance, three elderly women resembling Mrs. Dodds board the bus. These women are actually the monstrous Furies. To avoid detection, Percy dons Annabeth's invisibility cap, hoping the Furies would focus on him and leave his friends unharmed. However, the Furies launch an attack on Annabeth and Grover. Remain invisible, Percy takes control of the bus steering, bringing it to a sudden stop and freeing the human passengers. He then reveals himself to the Furies to draw their attention away from his friends. With Annabeth and Grover's help, two Furies are defeated using Riptide, and as Percy battles the third, they abandon the bus just as it catches fire. The surviving Fury resembling Mrs. Dodds summons more monsters from the burning bus, prompting the trio to escape into the nearby woods.

chapter 11

Percy, Annabeth, and Grover stumble upon a seemingly innocent curio shop and decide to have a meal there. Grover is intrigued by a statue that bears a striking resemblance to his Uncle Ferdinand. The shop owner, Aunty Em, offers to take a photo of them after feeding them. However, Annabeth and Grover are suspicious of Aunty Em's statues. Grover soon identifies the statue as his uncle, and Annabeth instructs both boys to avoid looking at the woman. They discover that Aunty Em is in fact Medusa, a monster who holds a grudge against Annabeth because her mother, Athena, cursed her. Medusa tells Percy he'd be better off as a statue than being a pawn in the Olympians' game. With his eyes shut, Grover charges at Medusa, using a tree branch as a weapon. Meanwhile, Percy uses the reflection in a gazing ball to get close enough to lop off Medusa's head with Riptide. Annabeth warns him that the head, though a war trophy, could still petrify him. Percy decides he's had enough of being manipulated, and he pilfers money from Medusa's office for their adventure. He comes across a freight bill that reveals the Underworld's address as a DOA Recording Studio in California. He prepares a package containing Medusa's head to send to Mount Olympus, and the trio starts planning their next move.

chapter 12

In the forest, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover pause their journey. Percy finds out that Grover's quest is to locate Pan, the deity of wilderness. Pan, considered the satyrs' leader, was known for safeguarding the earth. Despite folklore claiming Pan's death, the satyrs remain hopeful of his existence. Many devote their lives to this search, albeit with fatal consequences. Grover, undeterred by the danger, yearns to rediscover Pan and restore the earth's purity. During this segment of their journey, Percy learns about Grover's past failure as Annabeth's protector five years earlier. Annabeth, however, has forgiven him. Grover prevents Percy from probing further into that mission, instead discussing the unique aspect of their current quest – the monsters appear to be refraining from attacks. The following day, Percy encounters a lost pink poodle named Gladiola. They earn enough money for train tickets by returning Gladiola to its owner.

chapter 13

Percy, Annabeth, and Grover ride an Amtrak train towards Denver, laying low after Percy becomes a nationwide suspect for his mother's disappearance and a bus fire. During a snooze on the ride, Percy experiences a haunting dream where he attempts to negotiate his mother’s safety from a horrific pit. Afterwards, he learns from Annabeth about her choice to escape to Camp Half-Blood at age seven, when she realized her father harbored resentment towards her due to his new marriage. While on a stop in St. Louis, the trio tour the apex of the Gateway Arch. Percy stays on the top, letting Annabeth and Grover ride the last available seats in the elevator down. Unexpectedly, Percy is confronted by a corpulent woman and her Chihuahua, who reveal themselves as beastly adversaries. The woman transforms into Echidna, the Mother of Monsters resembling a reptile, while the dog morphs into Chimera, a fiery-breathing lion serpent. Chimera aggressively assaults Percy, deeply biting his leg with venomous fangs and causing destruction to the Arch with a fiery blast. Percy loses his weapon, Riptide, during the chaos, making him feel helpless. Echidna challenges him, insinuating that if he truly was Poseidon's son, he would trust in the river to save him. Desperate, Percy prays and leaps into the water below.

chapter 14

Percy submerges in the water, unscathed by the fall or the Chimera's attack, and discovers he can breathe underwater. He spots Riptide nearby and hears a female spirit assuring him of his father's faith in him. She advises him to head to Santa Monica prior to the Underworld and to be wary of gifts. She leaves him with a hopeful message about his mother. After grabbing Riptide, Percy swims off in search of Annabeth and Grover. Police and media are trying to piece together the events at the Arch, while eyewitnesses report a boy leaping into the water. Percy reunites with his friends and recounts his experience. As they plan their journey to Santa Monica, they catch the news linking the boy who jumped to the wanted fugitive. To avoid being identified, they make a swift exit towards the train station, setting course for Denver.

chapter 15

In Denver, Percy, Annabeth and Grover connect with Chiron via Iris-messaging, a communication service offered by the rainbow goddess Iris. Luke is informed about their recent experiences. They speculate about Hades possibly stealing the master bolt using his Helm of Darkness during winter solstice. The group is approached by Ares, Clarisse's father and god of war, at a diner. Ares requests Percy to find his lost shield in the Tunnel of Love, promising to reveal information about Percy's mother and aid their westward journey. Despite reservations, they visit the waterpark. They learn Aphrodite, goddess of love, is involved with Ares despite being married to Hephaestus, the blacksmith god. Hephaestus, aware of the affair, intermittently attempts to humiliate the couple. A trap meant for Ares and Aphrodite ensnares Percy and Annabeth while Grover stands watch. They're thrust into the spotlight as a countdown to a live broadcast to Mount Olympus commences. As Annabeth worries about being ridiculed by the gods, a swarm of metal spiders surfaces. Terrified, Annabeth is moved to safety by Percy who uses his water control powers to fend off the spiders. Before their boat crashes, they leap off, and Grover comes to their rescue, using his flying shoes to transport them to safety, albeit with a few bumps along the way. The ordeal leads Percy to decide to confront Ares about this task.

chapter 16

Percy, Annabeth, and Grover meet Ares at a diner to return his shield. In return, Ares gives them a backpack of food and directs them to a truck destined for Los Angeles. He also tells Percy that his mom is not dead, but transformed and held captive. The trio then join some caged animals in the truck, which has a pit stop in Las Vegas. During the journey, Percy discovers that Grover was the protector of Thalia, Zeus' deceased daughter, and was responsible for safeguarding Annabeth and Luke, who are half-bloods like Thalia. Annabeth reveals her unsuccessful attempts to reconnect with her family, which led her back to Camp Half-Blood. Percy's dreams are filled with images of the pit, mysterious voices, and his mother's reaching hand, only to be woken up by the truckers inspecting the animals. Witnessing the animals' mistreatment, Percy frees them into Vegas and parts ways with the truck with his friends. They check into the Lotus Hotel and Casino, where they unwind with showers, food, and video games. But Percy senses something isn't right when everyone seems lost in a trance, unable to tell him the current year. He breaks Annabeth and Grover free from their trances, and they exit the hotel, realizing they've lost track of time and have just a day left to finish their quest.

chapter 17

As they head towards Santa Monica in a cab, Percy attempts to discuss his disturbing dream about the pit, but Annabeth convinces him that Hades possessing the master bolt is the only threat. Upon reaching the beach, Percy dives into the water where he encounters Nereid, a sea spirit. She hands him three pearls, advising him to trust his instincts on when to utilize them. Emerging from the sea, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover look for the gateway to the Underworld. Suddenly, they find themselves chased by a gang of boys into a waterbed store run by a man named Crusty. No sooner do Annabeth and Grover lie down on the waterbeds than they are bound by ropes. Crusty, who is actually Procrustes, the Stretcher, tries to attack Percy. Percy, however, tricks Procrustes by feigning interest in the beds, causing Procrustes to get entangled in the ropes. Percy uses Riptide to deal with him, and Annabeth and Grover are freed. Percy then spots a DOA Recording Studio flyer that has the precise location of the Underworld's entrance.

chapter 18

Percy, Annabeth, and Grover reach a recording studio, where they encounter Charon, a security guard demanding payment for entry. Percy hands over some drachmas he previously pilfered from Crusty's office, but Charon isn't satisfied with the amount. Only when Percy reveals his demigod status and promises more drachmas and a word with Hades about a raise does Charon allow them in. The trio then head towards one of three entrances fitted with security cameras and metal detectors. Before they can get through security, they're stopped by Cerberus, the three-headed Rottweiler serving as a guard dog. Percy's attempt to divert him with a bedpost stolen from Crusty's fails, as Cerberus isn't interested in "the stick." However, Annabeth manages to command Cerberus to sit using a ball from the waterpark, allowing her, Percy, and Grover to slip past. They trigger the metal detectors with their magical items and are forced to make a run for it to evade the approaching security.

chapter 19

Percy, Annabeth, and Grover's journey to Hades' dwelling is fraught with danger when Grover's flying shoes attempt to drag him into the abyss. The trio narrowly escape, finding themselves unexpectedly burdened by the heaviness of Percy's backpack. They hear a dreaded whisper from Tartarus, prompting them to flee in terror. Upon meeting Hades, Percy is accused of stealing the master bolt and Hades' Helm of Darkness. Hades dismisses the idea of wanting war, citing the inconvenience of dealing with additional deaths. Despite Percy's protestations of innocence, Hades threatens to unleash the dead unless his helm is restored. To Percy's shock, he finds the master bolt in his backpack, realizing he's been set up. Hades then reveals a vision of Percy's mother, trapped in a sphere of golden fire. Hades gives Percy an ultimatum - return the helm or his mother dies. Despite having pearls for escape, Percy finds he's one short to save his mother along with himself and his friends. Choosing to prioritize returning the master bolt to Olympus, Percy uses the pearls to whisk himself, Annabeth, and Grover to safety, leaving his mother behind. Landing in the Santa Monica ocean, they resolve to confront the deity who deceived them while returning the bolt.

chapter 20

Percy, Grover, and Annabeth challenge Ares on the beach about his involvement in the theft of the master bolt and the Helm of Darkness. Ares confesses that although he didn't steal the items himself, he arranged for their theft. His goal is to instigate a war among Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades by pinning the theft on Percy. The magic used to make the bolt appear in the backpack is similar to the magic in Riptide. Ares is intent on killing Percy to stop him from returning the bolt to Zeus. The deal between Percy and Ares states that if Percy wins their fight, he can return the bolt and Ares will leave him alone. However, if Ares wins, he gets the bolt and can turn Percy into anything he desires. They start to fight, but are interrupted by some locals who recognize Percy from the news. In the ensuing melee, Percy stabs Ares in the heel with the help of the waves. Just as Ares is about to retaliate, a strange force prevents him. Ares warns Percy about making a new enemy, and then vanishes in a blaze of light. The Furies show up, acknowledge Percy's innocence, and take the Helm of Darkness to Hades. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth are left wondering about the force that interfered with Ares. They agree to fly to New York to return the bolt, ignoring Percy's concerns about angering Zeus.

chapter 21

Percy parts ways with Annabeth and Grover in Manhattan. His goal is to return Zeus's master bolt, while his friends head back to Camp Half-Blood to relay their adventures to Chiron. Upon reaching Olympus, Percy hands over the master bolt to Zeus and Poseidon, recounting his quest details, including his clash with Ares and his uneasy feelings at Tartarus's gateway. Despite Percy's worries, Zeus overlooks them, sparing Percy's life thanks to his bolt retrieval. Poseidon asserts his paternal claim over Percy and hints at a pending decision Percy will have to make about a delivered box once he's home. Percy also discovers that his mom has returned home following Hades' helm retrieval. Returning home, Percy finds his mother and Smelly Gabe. Smelly Gabe accuses Percy of ruining his car and makes it clear that Percy is unwelcome. When Sally steps in to protect Percy, Gabe threatens her physically. Sally and Percy retreat to his room, where Percy discovers the box contains Medusa's head. He proposes that Sally use it against Smelly Gabe. Percy decides to go back to Camp Half-Blood, saying farewell to his mother.

chapter 22

Percy is warmly accepted back at Camp Half-Blood and gets celebratory presents. His mom writes to him about her newfound good fortune after Smelly Gabe's sudden disappearance, which allows her to buy a new apartment and register for NYU, as well as reserve a spot for Percy at a private school. This news makes Percy ponder whether to stay at the camp all year or go home for the school terms. Grover parts ways with Percy and Annabeth that night to start his quest for Pan. To help make his decision, Percy takes up sword practice. He sees Luke training with a new sword, Backbiter, which is capable of killing both mortals and creatures. They sit down for a chat, where Percy senses Luke preparing to leave. Suddenly, Luke summons a giant scorpion, capable of killing with a single sting. In their chat, Percy discovers that Luke is the traitor from his prophecy. Luke believes the gods betrayed him by sending him on a repetitive quest, one Hercules had already completed. Tired of the gods' antics, Luke stole the bolt and the helm on Kronos' advice. He also confesses to summoning the hellhound to scare the camp and push Percy into his quest. He reveals that Percy thwarted part of his plan by giving the magic shoes, intended to drag Percy and the bolt into Tartarus, to Grover. Luke announces that Kronos is returning and that the gods will be overthrown. He then vanishes, leaving Percy to fight the scorpion alone. Percy is stung before he manages to kill it. Despite his attempts to heal using the creek water, it's Chiron's magical nectar that saves him. Percy then informs Annabeth and Chiron about Luke's treachery and swears to exact revenge. Chiron advises him to be patient, stating that justice will come at the right time. Annabeth's family arrives to take her home and Percy chooses to go home too, promising to confront Luke the following summer.

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