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Whatever After Books in Order (15 Book Series)


Whatever After is a series of 15 books written by Sarah Mlynowski. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me something about Sarah Mlynowski and the Whatever After series of books she has written?

      Sarah Mlynowski is one of the top authors who has penned down the top series known as the "Whatever After series". The first in the series, "Fairest of All" book sets the tone for a wonderful reading experience for kids. These books are often shelved under fiction and romance subcategories.

    • How would you rate the Whatever After series on a shelf rate?

      The Whatever After series has an above-average shelf rate, largely due to Sarah's engaging writing style and the combination of fiction and fairy elements in the storyline. This makes it popular with a wide range of readers, especially kids.

    • Where does Abby, a character in the series, often find herself?

      Abby, a main character in the Whatever After series, often finds herself in a magical world when she looks into a mirror. This magical world provides a unique twist to the conventional fairy tales we are familiar with.

    • How is the Whatever After series organized on a bookshelf?

      The Whatever After series is typically organized on the menu shelve in the kid's section of a bookstore. It is arranged in the order of book set release, with the "Fairest of All" book first, followed by the rest of the series.

    • What is a unique feature of the books in the Whatever After series?

      A unique feature of the books in the Whatever After series is the "books chevron" - a design element on the spine of the books. This makes it easy to recognize the series on any bookshelf.

    • Are there subcategories within the Whatever After series?

      Yes, the Whatever After series does have subcategories. Each book in the series follows Abby through a different fairy tale adventure. For example, "Fairest of All" is based on Snow White, and each subsequent book covers a different fairy tale.

    • Can I add a paperback version of the Whatever After series to my cart?

      Yes, you can add a paperback version of the Whatever After series to your cart. Many readers prefer this format for its portability and lower cost compared to hardcover editions.

    • How does Sarah's writing compare with other authors like Renée Russell?

      Sarah Mlynowski's writing certainly stands out among top authors. It's often compared favorably with Renée Russell, known for her Dork Diaries series. Both Sarah and Rachel Renée Russell have a knack for creating relatable characters and engaging narratives in their respective series.

    • Where can I read reviews of the Whatever After series?

      Reviews for the Whatever After series, including individual books like "Fairest of All", can be found on most online bookstores and literature-focused websites. They can provide insight into the reading experience, including specific details about chapters, pages, and key plot points.