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Tijan Books in Order (57 Book Series)

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Tijan is a series of 57 books written by 3 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    57 books in this series

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    • I'm a fan of Tijan's work. Can you provide me with a Tijan book list, in order of publication, for the series?

      Absolutely! Tijan's books are a delightful blend of contemporary romance, alpha male characters, and young adult themes. Here's the book list in publication order: 'Fallen Crest High', 'Fallen Crest Family', 'Fallen Crest Public', 'Fallen Fourth Down', 'Fallen Crest University', and 'Fallen Crest Forever', to name a few.

    • I'm new to Tijan's novels. Where should I start from her book series?

      As a new reader, you should start with 'Fallen Crest High', the first book in the series. This gives you a foundation for the rest of the books and introduces you to the bad boys and the alpha male leads Tijan is known for.

    • Is there a difference between the paperback and Kindle publication of Tijan's books?

      The content of Tijan's books remains the same in both paperback and Kindle publication. However, the Kindle fallen series allows readers to carry an entire library in their pocket. They can also adjust the font size and background light to their comfort.

    • What themes dominate the novels of this author?

      Tijan's novels are a unique blend of young adult themes and contemporary romance. Her books delve into the life of high school teenagers, their relationships, family issues, and love interests.

    • What's special about Tijan fallen series order?

      The Tijan Fallen series order allows the reader to follow the life of the protagonist, Sam, as she navigates through family issues, school, and her love for the alpha male character, Mason.

    • Can you tell me about the book covers of Tijan's books?

      The cover of Tijan's books typically represents the theme of the book. The book covers often reflect the high school setting, the alpha male character, or hint at the romance and drama to be expected in the book.

    • What's the avg rating of Tijan's books on Goodreads?

      Tijan is a popular Goodreads author and her books generally receive high avg ratings. Many of her books have an avg rating of 4 out of 5 stars, making her a popular choice among fans of young adult fiction and contemporary romance.

    • Can you tell me more about the characters in Tijan's books?

      In Tijan's books, you'll meet Sam and her boyfriend Mason– an alpha male character who is one of the bad boys at their school. You'll also meet Sam's brother Logan and her family. The family dynamics and school life are central themes in Tijan's books which add depth to her characters.

    • What are the readers' comments on Tijan's books?

      The comments on Tijan's books are quite positive. Many readers enjoy the contemporary romance, young adult, and alpha male themes. They also commend Tijan's ability to draw readers in with her gripping plots and relatable characters.