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The Stormlight Archive Books in Order (6 Book Series)


The Stormlight Archive is a series of 6 books written by Brandon Sanderson. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What is the Stormlight Archive series?

      The Stormlight Archive series is a renowned epic fantasy series written by Brandon Sanderson. The series plunges readers into a world of magic, war, and intrigue. The series starts with the book 'The Way of Kings', followed by 'Words of Radiance', and then 'Oathbringer'. The books are available in both hardcover and paperback formats, and also for the Kindle on Amazon. If you're a fan of fiction books, specifically in the realm of fantasy, then these books are a must-read.

    • Can you tell me more about the author of the Stormlight Archive, Brandon Sanderson?

      Brandon Sanderson is an American author renowned for his sanderson fantasy works. Over the years, he has focused on creating a vast world filled with intricate details, magic systems, and game-like challenges for his characters. His stormlight archive books are testament to his ability to create immersive fantasy worlds. He's also known for interacting with his fans, often through book signings.

    • I'm interested in reading the Stormlight Archive books. Can you give me the order of the books?

      The Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson starts with 'The Way of Kings'. This is followed by ‘Words of Radiance’ and then ‘Oathbringer’. To ensure you get the best reading experience, it's recommended that you read these books in the order they were published. You can add these books to your menu shelve and start reading today.

    • I'm a fan of fantasy series, is the Stormlight Archive worth reading?

      Absolutely! If you're a fan of fantasy, then the Stormlight Archive series is an excellent choice. The series is filled with magic, complex characters, and a world that will have you completely immersed. The first book, The Way of Kings, alone is worth the read. Not to mention, Brandon Sanderson is a master when it comes to creating intense and engaging fantasy books.

    • Where can I find more information about the Stormlight Archive books?

      You can find more information about the Stormlight Archive books on the internet. There are summaries points that provide a basic outline of the books on various platforms. You can also view the books on Amazon and read the comments section for reviews from other readers. Just remember to adhere to each site's privacy policy when you're browsing.

    • Can I expect any visuals or illustrations in the Stormlight Archive books?

      Yes, indeed! Inside the books of the Stormlight Archive series, you will find beautiful artwork. In fact, there is also a dedicated art book that features stunning illustrations from the series. It's a great addition to the reading experience and lets you visualize the world of the series even more vividly.

    • How does Brandon Sanderson maintain the consistency and depth of the story in the Stormlight Archive series?

      Brandon Sanderson is known for his incredible world-building. He maintains the consistency and depth of the story in the Stormlight Archive by paying great attention to the details of the world, the magic system, and the characters. His commitment to the series can be seen by the fact that 'The Way of Kings', the first book in the series, alone is over a thousand pages long.

    • As a fan of the series, how can I interact with Brandon Sanderson?

      You can often find Brandon Sanderson at various book signings where he interacts with his fans. Besides, he is also active on social media where he often shares updates and details about his upcoming books. Just remember to respect his privacy policy when interacting with him.

    • Can I read the Stormlight Archive books on Kindle?

      Absolutely! The Stormlight Archive books are available in various formats - hardcover, paperback, and Kindle. You can choose the format that suits you the best and start your journey into the epic world of The Stormlight Archive series.