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The Program Books in Order (7 Book Series)

The ComplicationThe AdjustmentThe Epidemic

The Program is a series of 7 books written by Suzanne Young. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Suzanne Young and what is the significance of her book called "The Program"?

      Suzanne Young is an author known for The Program Series. In "The Program", Young delves into themes of romance and mystery, and creates a captivating story that has garnered her a goodreads rating that is quite impressive.

    • Can you tell me about the series of novels written by Suzanne Young?

      Of course! Suzanne Young's series, known as The Program Series, is a collection of mystery and romance novels that follow the story of Sloane and her experience with a program designed to control emotions. It's a must-read shelving pick for any lover of mystery, romance, or young adult fiction.

    • What are the different types of books available in the Program series?

      The Program Series is available in various formats. You can find the program books in both hardcover and paperback editions. There are also Kindle publication editions for those who prefer e-books.

    • How do I find and order the books in the Program series?

      To find the books in the Program series, you can go on Amazon view the details of each book and place your orders. The details add to the ease of purchase, including the month of publication and other relevant information.

    • What other books are there in the Program series?

      Alongside "The Program", the series includes books like "The Treatment" book and "The Epidemic" book. These books further explore the themes of romance, mystery, and the consequences that Sloane and other characters face due to the Program.

    • Can I find Suzanne Young's Program series books in the library?

      Yes, you can definitely find Suzanne Young's books in a library. The popularity of Young's work means that many libraries stock her books. So you can easily find the Program series in the library book section dedicated to Young Adult fiction.

    • Which book is appropriate for someone new to Suzanne Young’s novels?

      For someone new to Young's novels, starting with "The Program" would be most ideal. It is the first book in the Program series and introduces the reader to the characters and the universe that Suzanne Young has created.

    • Can I find Suzanne Young's books on an online menu shelve?

      Absolutely! You'll find Suzanne Young's novels are available on various online platforms. This includes menu shelve options on sites like Amazon, where you can view details of the books, shelf rate them and add them to your online reading list.

    • Are there any romance novels by Suzanne Young other than the Program series?

      While Suzanne Young is best known for her mystery-romance blend in The Program series, she does explore the romance genre in her other books as well. However, The Program series remains her most recognized contribution to the genre.