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The Last Dragon Chronicles Books in Order (7 Book Series)

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The Last Dragon Chronicles is a series of 7 books written by Chris d'Lacey. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me about the book series that features dragons, written by Chris?

      The Last Dragon Chronicles books are a popular series that you may be referring to. This series is written by Chris d'Lacey and it revolves around clay dragons that come to life.

    • Can you provide me the order of the books in the series?

      The Last Dragon Chronicles are to be read in this specific order: "The Fire Within" book, which is followed by "Icefire" book, then comes the "Fire Star" book and after that is "The Fire Eternal" book.

    • Does Lacey play a key role in the series?

      Lacey, or more specifically Lucy Pennykettle, is a central character in the Last Dragon Chronicles. Lucy Pennykettle and her mother, who create the Pennykettle dragons, are integral to the plot.

    • What's the deal with the hardcover versions of these books?

      The Last Dragon Chronicles are available in both hardcover and paperback. The hardcover paperback versions can be quite aesthetic and durable, but if you prefer a lighter version, there's the paperback kindle edition too.

    • May I know about the fiction aspect of the series?

      The Last Dragon Chronicles is in fact a work of fiction. It blends elements of fantasy, adventure, and even a touch of romance. It can be quite engrossing, especially if you're into stories about dragons.

    • How do I go about reading these books?

      For reading, you can start by adding the books to your read shelving, which is the process of organizing them in the order they should be read. You can also add them to your menu shelve for easy access.

    • Is there any platform where I can get reviews and ratings for the series?

      Yes, you can look for reviews and shelf rate details on various book review websites. It's always a good idea to check out the reviews before reading a book.

    • Can you tell me more about the author of the series?

      Chris d'Lacey is the author of The Last Dragon Chronicles. However, a character named David Merriman, who is the alter-ego of David, the author, plays a significant role in the series too.

    • Is there any other notable character in the series apart from Lucy and the dragons?

      Apart from Lucy Pennykettle and the Pennykettle dragons, there's also David Merriman. He's a squirrelling academic who gets embroiled in the story's events. His interactions with Lucy and the dragons add extra layers to the series' plot.