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Tasha Alexander Books in Order (22 Book Series)

A Fatal WaltzA Crimson WarningA Poisoned Season

Tasha Alexander has written a series of 22 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    22 books in this series

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    • Can you provide some information about the author Tasha Alexander?

      Tasha Alexander's work has been celebrated in the world of fiction, particularly in the cozy mystery genre. She is known for crafting rich narratives, filled with mystery and romance. Her works are often found at the top of many reader's shelf rate lists.

    • What is the Lady Emily series all about?

      The Lady Emily series is a popular Alexander mystery collection. It revolves around the character Lady Emily, who along with her husband Colin Hargreaves, solves various mysteries. These books are a delightful mix of mystery, romance, and adult themes, making them a top pick amongst mystery fiction aficionados.

    • What is the correct order to read books in the Emily series?

      When reading the Emily series, it is best to follow Tasha Alexander's intended order. This way, the unfolding mystery and character development are far more coherent and enjoyable. You can easily find this series order on various book-related websites under the 'menu shelve' option.

    • What can you tell me about the mystery element in Tasha Alexander's books?

      Tasha's books are known for their intricate mystery plots, balanced perfectly with elements of romance and fantasy. These aren't your typical 'whodunit' mysteries, rather, they're layered with historical references, social commentary, and complex character relationships.

    • How can I purchase Tasha Alexander’s books?

      Alexander's books can be purchased in various formats like hardcover, paperback, and even for your Kindle. You can add them to your cart on numerous online book retailers. Look for retailers associated with Minotaur Books, the popular publisher of these mystery novels.

    • Can you suggest any other authors similar to Tasha Alexander?

      Yes, if you appreciate Tasha's style of mystery and romance entwined with a touch of fantasy, you might also enjoy works by authors like author Bianca Amato. Much like Alexander, these authors have a knack for crafting engaging adult fiction.

    • Can you tell me more about the collaboration between Tasha Alexander and Bianca Amato?

      Author Bianca Amato is a renowned narrator who has worked closely with Tasha to bring her books to life as engaging audiobooks. Bianca Amato’s narration style perfectly complements the mystery and fantasy elements in Tasha's books, enhancing the overall reading experience.

    • Can I read Tasha Alexander's books on my Kindle?

      Absolutely, you can enjoy Tasha's mystery fiction on your Kindle. Both hardcover and paperback Kindle versions are available for most of her books. Simply add the Kindle version to your cart, purchase it, and get ready to dive into a world of mystery, romance, and fantasy.

    • How has the mystery genre evolved over the years?

      The mystery genre has seen a significant evolution over the years. Mystery fiction used to be straightforward 'whodunit' scenarios, but now it incorporates elements of romance, fantasy, and adult themes. Authors like Tasha Alexander have played a significant role in this evolution, continually pushing the boundaries of what a mystery novel can be.