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Susan Lewis Books in Order (49 Book Series)

A French AffairA Class ApartBehind Closed Doors

Susan Lewis has written a series of 49 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 49 books
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      Susan Lewis

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      Susan Lewis

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      Susan Lewis

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      Susan Lewis

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      Susan Lewis

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    • I’m a fan of Susan Lewis and I want to know if there's a particular order I should follow when reading her books. Can you help?

      Certainly! Bestselling author Susan Lewis has penned numerous novels over the years, all rich in general fiction and romance. While some of her books can be read as standalone novels, others are part of a series and are best read in order. The 'book clear' and 'book refresh' methods can be helpful in determining the sequence.

    • Is Susan Lewis the only author whose books I should read in order?

      Not at all. Many authors, like Jodi Picoult, also have books that are best enjoyed when read in order. It provides continuity and depth to the character and storyline development.

    • Can you suggest some authors similar to Susan Lewis that I might enjoy reading?

      Absolutely! If you're a fan of authors who write engaging romance and general fiction like Susan Lewis, you might enjoy Jodi Picoult. She has a knack for writing about life's complexities, with a twist of mystery.

    • I love the book covers of Susan Lewis's books. Is there a place where I can see them all in one place?

      You can see all the book covers of Susan Lewis's books on the AddAll Book website. It's a good place to do a 'review learn' about the author's published details as well.

    • I am new to novels and fiction. Can you provide a brief about what to expect in Susan Lewis's books?

      Susan Lewis is an author known for her captivating stories that blend elements of romance, life, mystery and personal struggles. Her fiction books often delve into the complexities of life, with characters that readers can relate to. You can expect a mix of romance and mystery in her novels, with a sprinkle of life's realities.

    • How do I decide which Susan Lewis book to read first?

      Review types of the books and their ratings can guide you. Usually, stars given by readers indicate the popularity of a book. You can start with her highest-rated books or choose according to your personal taste in fiction.

    • Can I read Susan Lewis books on Kindle?

      Yes, most of Susan Lewis's books are available in Kindle format, along with paperback and hardcover options. It's all about what's most convenient for you.

    • What is the general theme of Susan Lewis's books?

      Susan Lewis's novels generally revolve around themes of life, romance, and mystery, sometimes even venturing into fantasy. They're well-regarded for their deep exploration of personal emotions and relationships.

    • Are Susan Lewis's books suitable for all age groups?

      While Susan Lewis's books do revolve around mature themes of life, love, and personal growth, they are typically appropriate for readers who are teenagers and above. As with all authors, it's necessary to read the book details and reviews to ensure it's suitable for the reader's age and preferences.