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Survivors Books in Order (13 Book Series)


Survivors is a series of 13 books written by Erin Hunter. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I'm a bit confused about the survivors book series. Can you tell me more about it?

      The survivors series is a top selection among fiction lovers. Authored by Erin Hunter, it's a captivating tale about a pack of wild dogs that survived after the Big Growl, a disastrous earthquake. The series is great for those who enjoy reading adventurous fiction mixed with a touch of romance.

    • What's the correct survivors series order? I don't want to miss anything.

      To get the best reading experience, you should follow this series order: The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising, The Exile's Journey, and The Final Battle. It's important to read them shelving on your bookshelf in this order.

    • I like to switch between paperback and Kindle. Is the survivors books series available in both formats?

      Yes, absolutely! Each book in the series is available in both paperback and Kindle formats. You can add paperback to your physical collection or download the Kindle version if you prefer digital reading.

    • I've heard that there are many authors behind the survivors books series. Is that true?

      Yes! The series is penned by a team of authors under the pseudonym of Erin Hunter. The team includes authors like Julia Green and Laszlo Hunter, among others. They've done a grand job of weaving this tale of survival, fiction, and a bit of romance.

    • So, how do I know if I'll like the survivors book?

      If you enjoy adventurous fiction with a dash of romance and have a penchant for stories about survival, you'll likely enjoy this series. You can always check out the reviews to get a feel for the book before you commit.

    • I'm worried about my personal information when buying survivors books online. How do I protect it?

      When purchasing online, always use trusted websites and ensure they have secure payment portals. Do not share your personal information unless necessary. Always check the seller's review and rating before adding the book to your cart.

    • How can I keep track of the survivors series that I own and those I need?

      You can use a series add feature on most book cataloguing sites. Using this, you can add the books you own and also those you wish to purchase. It helps keep your bookshelf rate organized.

    • Where can I buy the survivors series? I'm not sure where to start.

      There are many options for buying the survivors series. Many bookstores carry the novels, and they're also available online. Look for sale survivors series to get them at discounted prices.

    • How about the menu shelve for the survivors? Does it contain all the books?

      Yes, the menu shelve for the survivors series contains all the books. You can find it usually in the authors' section under 'H' for Hunter, and it contains a list of all the pages of the books in the series.