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Stone Barrington Books in Order (63 Book Series)

A Safe HouseA Delicate TouchBel-Air Dead

Stone Barrington is a series of 63 books written by Stuart Woods. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me about the Stone Barrington novels written by Stuart Woods?

      Sure. The Stone Barrington novels are a popular series of legal thriller and mystery novels penned by author Stuart Woods. The series revolves around the titular character, Stone Barrington, a suave ex-cop turned attorney in New York. They are characterized by their blend of legal intrigue, romance, and mystery. The first novel in the series is the New York Dead book.

    • Is there a particular publication order I should follow when reading the Stone Barrington series?

      Yes, there is a publication order for the Stone Barrington series. The first book in the series is "New York Dead", which introduces the character of Stone Barrington, followed by the "Dirt" book. The third book is "Dead in the Water", and fourth is "Swimming to Catalina". It's recommended to read the novels in publication order to fully understand the character progression and overarching plotlines.

    • In which Stone Barrington novel does the author, Stuart Woods, portray Stone in the worst situation?

      The book in which Stone Barrington finds himself in the worst situation, according to many readers, is probably "Dead in the Water". In this legal thriller, Stone Barrington discovers a complex web of deceit and murder. The book presents a highly challenging situation for the protagonist.

    • How does the usual plot of a Stone Barrington book look like?

      A typical Stone Barrington book involves a thrilling mix of mystery, legal drama, and romance. For instance, in the "Swimming to Catalina" book, Stone receives a dangerous assignment involving the CIA. The narratives are often fast-paced, with our hero, Stone Barrington, navigating his way through the perils of the New York City legal scene and the mysteries that cross his path.

    • Can I find any of the Stone Barrington series in paperback or Kindle format?

      Absolutely, the Stone Barrington novels are available in various formats including paperback and Kindle. They can also be found as audiobooks for those who prefer listening to reading. Just browse through the books subcategories of your preferred online seller to find them.

    • Who should read the Stone Barrington series? Is it suitable for young readers or is it more of an adult genre?

      The Stone Barrington series is typically categorized as adult fiction, specifically falling under the legal thriller, mystery, and romance genres. The series deals with complex legal cases, romantic escapades, and crimes, which might not be suitable for young readers or books kids. It's best appreciated by mature readers who enjoy legal drama, mystery, and a touch of romance.

    • How often does Stuart Woods publish a new Stone Barrington book?

      Stuart Woods is quite prolific as an author. He typically releases several Stone Barrington novels each year. His latest book was published just a few months ago.

    • Are the Stone Barrington novels part of a book series or can they be read in any order?

      The Stone Barrington novels are indeed part of a book series. While each novel can certainly be enjoyed individually, reading them in the publication order gives a better understanding of the character development and overarching storylines. However, the author, Stuart Woods, does a great job of providing enough context in each book for new readers to hop in at any point.

    • Can I expect any element of fantasy in the Stone Barrington series?

      The Stone Barrington series is primarily a legal thriller and mystery series, with some elements of romance. There is no fantasy element as such in the series. These books focus more on realistic, suspenseful scenarios set in the world of law and crime in New York.