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Sheldon Siegel Books in Order (14 Book Series)

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Sheldon Siegel has written a series of 14 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    14 books in this series

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    • Can you tell me about the author Sheldon Siegel and his books featuring Mike Daley?

      Absolutely! Author Sheldon Siegel is the mastermind behind the popular legal thriller series featuring Mike Daley, an ex-priest turned lawyer in San Francisco. Siegel's novels are a blend of gripping mystery, intense courtroom drama, and the complex legal cases that Daley handles.

    • What can you tell me about the legal thriller genre and how Sheldon Siegel's books fit into it?

      Sheldon Siegel's books are excellent examples of the legal thriller genre. They combine the thrill and suspense of traditional mystery novels with the intricate intricacies of law. His writing style makes each case that Mike Daley encounters in San Francisco exciting and thoroughly engaging for the reader.

    • Could you elaborate on the series of books by Sheldon Siegel featuring Mike Daley and his ex-wife, Rosie?

      Sure, the series revolves around Mike Daley, a lawyer in San Francisco, and his ex-wife Rosie, who is also his law partner. They navigate through challenging legal cases while juggling their complicated personal relationship. The romance, mystery, and legal issues intertwined in the books make for captivating reading.

    • Where can I find Sheldon Siegel's books in order?

      If you are looking to read Sheldon Siegel's books in order, Mike Daley's story begins with the first book in the series titled "Special Circumstances". You can find both hardcover and paperback versions of his books, and they are also available for Kindle. You can find them in bookstores or order Mike's legal adventures online.

    • I started reading one of Sheldon Siegel's books but I lost track. Is there a way to get a brief on what I missed?

      Certainly! You can always do a quick book refresh online. Many online platforms provide a summary of the book that will help clear your confusion. Or better yet, read the full review of the book online for a comprehensive understanding of the plot.

    • Can I save a book by Sheldon Siegel to read later online?

      Yes, you can! Many online platforms offer a "read saving" option where you can bookmark the book and revisit it at your convenience.

    • What type of reader would enjoy a Sheldon Siegel book?

      Sheldon Siegel's books combine elements of mystery, thriller, romance, and law, so anyone who enjoys any of these genres would likely enjoy his work. His intricate attention to legal details and his ability to craft engaging courtroom dramas has made him a beloved author among fans of legal fiction.

    • How can I improve my understanding of the legal terms used in Sheldon Siegel's books?

      An online grammar tool or legal dictionary can be useful to understand some of the complex legal terminology used in Sheldon's books. His books, while thrilling and full of suspense, also provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the law and its intricacies.

    • What's the latest release from Sheldon Siegel?

      The most recent release from author Sheldon Siegel is "The Dreamer", which is a departure from his legal thriller series. This book is a fantasy mystery that still carries Siegel's trademark suspense and engaging storytelling.