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Sarah M Eden Books in Order (44 Book Series)

A Gentlewoman ScholarA Fine GentlemanA Night in Grosvenor Square

Sarah M Eden is a series of 44 books written by 3 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 44 books
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      For Elise

      Sarah M. Eden

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    • I'm new to Eden's novels. Can you provide me with a book list of her works?

      Absolutely! Sarah M. Eden, the author, has penned numerous historical romance novels. The author's list includes the 'Longing for Home' series, 'Jonquil Brothers' series, 'Lancaster Family' series, and stand-alone novels such as 'The Sheriffs of Savage Wells' and 'Healing Hearts'.

    • As an author, has Sarah M. Eden written any other genre of fiction apart from romance?

      The author Sarah M. Eden is well-known mostly for her historical romance books. However, she has also dabbled in award-winning historical fiction, particularly with her 'Longing for Home' series.

    • What is the best order to read Eden's books?

      While you can enjoy most of Sarah M. Eden's books as stand-alone novels, some series have a recommended reading order. For instance, the 'Jonquil Brothers' series is best read in the order of publication to fully comprehend the character development and overarching plot.

    • Can I find these books in my kindle?

      Yes, you certainly can. Sarah M. Eden's books are available for Kindle publication, apart from being sold in paperback and hardcover formats.

    • Is there any way to know more about these books before reading?

      Of course! You can read full reviews of Sarah M. Eden's books on various online platforms. These reviews often give you a glimpse of the plot, style of writing, and sometimes even include images of the book covers.

    • What is the 'Eden Shadow' I keep hearing about in relation to the author's novels?

      The term 'Eden Shadow' is likely a mix-up. However, Sarah M. Eden has worked with Shadow Mountain, a publishing company, for some of her books.

    • What kind of ratings do Sarah M. Eden's books have?

      Sarah M. Eden's books generally receive high avg ratings on platforms like Goodreads and Amazon, particularly her historical romance Jonquil Brothers series.

    • Are Sarah M. Eden's books appropriate for children?

      Most of Sarah M. Eden's books are historical romance novels, which might contain themes not suitable for children. However, they're generally wholesome and lack explicit content.

    • Does Sarah M. Eden have any noteworthy awards for her fiction?

      Yes, Sarah M. Eden, the author, has received numerous awards for her fiction. Notably, she received the Foreword Reviews IndieFab Book of the Year Award for Romance in 2013 for her historical romance book 'Longing for Home'.