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Sage Parker Books in Order (70 Book Series)

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Sage Parker has written a series of 70 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    70 books in this series

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    • Who is the author known as Sage Parker and what mystery romance books has she written?

      Sage Parker is an author known for her engaging novels in the mystery romance genre. Some of her most loved books include the "Beach Cafe" series and the "Keys" book.

    • How should one go about starting to read Sage Parker's book series?

      When starting to read Sage Parker's series, it's best to follow their order of publication. Going in the books publication sequence allows readers to understand the character development and plot progression better.

    • Is there a preferred method to rate book in the books written by Sage Parker?

      Yes, if you wish to rate a book written by Sage, you can head to the book's page on the Kindle publication platform, where there usually is a bookmark rate feature that allows readers to rate and review.

    • What is the rating of the mystery romance books written by Sage Parker?

      The rating of Sage Parker's mystery romance books generally fluctuates between 4 to 5 stars, indicating high reader satisfaction and appreciation.

    • What unique elements does Sage Parker bring into her authoring of books?

      As an author, Sage Parker combines elements of romance, mystery, and life struggles in her books, creating engaging plots that keep her readers hooked.

    • Where does Sage Parker often set the environment of her books?

      Sage Parker is known for setting her books in picturesque and cozy settings. For instance, the "Beach Cafe" series is set in a quaint cafe on Hampton Beach.

    • Are there any specific themes that the author Sage Parker explores in her series?

      As an author, Sage Parker explores a variety of themes in her series, including love, mystery, and the hardships of life. Her novels are a perfect blend of fiction and reality.

    • How often does the author Sage Parker release new books?

      Sage Parker is consistent in releasing new books. Typically, she offers a book refresh annually, though sometimes more frequently depending on the series.

    • Where can I find the latest information about Sage Parker's books?

      For the latest on Sage Parker's books, it's best to follow her on her official author social media accounts or her page on Kindle publication. Both offer book clear announcements about upcoming releases, ratings, and genres.