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Rosie Clarke Books in Order (29 Book Series)


Rosie Clarke has written a series of 29 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 29 books
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    29 books in this series

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    • Who is Rosie Clarke and what genre of books does this author write?

      Rosie Clarke is an acclaimed author who specializes in general fiction and romance novels. Her books often feature warm, relatable characters and engaging narratives.

    • What is the most popular book series by Rosie Clarke?

      One of the most popular series by this author is the "Mulberry Lane" series. This series comprises several novels that revolve around the lives and loves of the residents of Mulberry Lane in London during the war.

    • I am interested in Rosie Clarke books. Can I add them to my cart for purchase?

      Yes, you can add Rosie Clarke books to your cart for purchase. However, note that country restrictions apply and you may not be able to purchase a book immediately in your country.

    • Can you tell me more about the Mulberry Lane series?

      The Mulberry Lane series is a collection of romance and war novels set in London. The books follow the lives of the women of Mulberry Lane during the war. The series is known for its portrayal of strong, resilient women and the camaraderie they share.

    • How well received are Rosie Clarke’s books among readers?

      Rosie Clarke's books generally receive a clear rating with a good avg rating. However, there may occasionally be an error rating. Readers particularly appreciate her engaging storytelling and well-drawn characters.

    • If I want a physical copy of a Rosie Clarke book, can I purchase a paperback edition?

      Yes, you can purchase a Rosie Clarke paperback. Whether you prefer physical books or e-books, Rosie ensures her novels are available in both formats for her readers' convenience.

    • Can I access Rosie Clarke’s books on my Kindle?

      Yes! Rosie Clarke books, including the Mulberry Lane series and her Harpers Girls series, are available for Kindle publication. However, please note that country restrictions may apply.

    • Can you help me understand the order in which to read Rosie Clarke’s Mulberry Lane series and Harpers series?

      The Mulberry Lane series begins with 'The Girls of Mulberry Lane', followed by several sequels. On the other hand, the Harpers series starts with 'The Shop Girls of Harpers'. It's always a good idea to read these books in order for a more immersive experience.

    • Are Rosie Clarke's books categorized as romance or general fiction?

      Rosie's books, including the Mulberry Lane series and Harpers series, can be categorized as both romance and general fiction. They often revolve around themes of love, war, and life in London, offering readers a blend of romance and everyday drama.